Today I’m sharing another #lazymamacookinghack to make super super easy yet kawaii bowl of instant noodle that will make the kids go all excited! The best part? They get to take part in decorating their own lunch!

The food art today is called The Girl with Blonde, Curly Hair and Too Much Hair Accessories… Swimming in Delicious Chicken Soup HAHAHA.

Junya loves it so much he was trying to kiss her.


What you need:

❤︎1 pack of instant soup noodle
❤︎Wakame Seaweed
❤︎Dry seaweed sheet (for decorative parts)
❤︎1 hard boiled egg
❤︎A few decorative cutters
❤︎An overly eager child with a rather growling stomach

Today I am using Myojo’s Chicken Tanmen (鸡汤面) because it is the most classic – simple, flavorful, delicious.

Did you know that Myojo is a Japanese Instant Noodle brand under Nissin, and the Japanese character for it is “明星”? It means “Shining Star” in Japanese. But I guess you can also interpret it as “Super Star” Haha. My absolute favorite from Myojo cup ramen series is Ippeichan Yakisoba!! Sooooo good!

Recently Myojo’s Instant Ramen series has gotten a new packaging makeover, it’s so much more colorful and fun now! It also comes in many flavors such as Chicken Abalone and dry Spicy Char Mee.

Here are the steps for this deco noodle:

Slice the carrot

I slice it quite thin for two reasons: 1. It’s easier to push it through the cutter 2. it gets cooked quicker!


Cute little orange heart!

*#DecorateTogether Tip 1*

Here you can get your child to help out!! Get him or her to cut the carrot/vegetables into the shapes that they like.

Cut the ham

For ham, I use a floral cutter to make cherry blossom deco.

Cut the seaweed

You will need seaweed for the girl’s face feature. I like to use a seaweed cutter, it could be any seaweed cutter with random shapes, and then cut around the curves to make the eye, mouth, etc. I find it much easier than cutting from a square sheet.

*#DecorateTogether Tip 2*

Get your child to help you cut out the shapes with the seaweed stamp!


Here I have the eyebrow, eye, nose, mouth and eyelashes!

Cooking the vegetables!

You can blanch/boil the vegetables in a sieve while waiting for the water to boil to save time!

Carrot and wakame

Cooking time!

My little sous chef!

Place Myojo Chicken Tanmen Instant Noodle into boiling water and cook for 3 minutes.

*#DecorateTogether Tip 3*

Get your kid to help you add the seasoning into the pot! (Of course, be very careful of the hot water and heat!)

Decoration Time

And then, important tip here: dish out the noodles first and place it in a big bowl, keep the soup aside.

Add the boiled egg as girl’s face.

*#DecorateTogether Tip 4*

Get your kid to add the decorations! Junya helps the girl with her cherry blossom hair accessories. (I know kids can go overboard, you can fix them later. Shhhh.)

Leave the delicate parts for mama. Carefully add the cut seaweed on boil egg. You won’t be needing any adhesive (such as water or mayo) since it sticks perfectly on slightly moist boiled egg.


Wait… not yet. The girl has to go swimming, remember?

Add Chicken Soup

Add the soup that you have set aside earlier. If it has cooled down, simply heat it up again.

And… ready to serve!

Junya and his girl with blonde, curly hair and too much hair accessories.

Thank you for helping mama cook your lunch!


Junya really enjoyed this little #DecoratingTogether session. And I actually feel a little guilty because usually I would shoo him out of the kitchen as he is always very very eager to “help”, but always ends up 越帮越忙 (more help more messy haha), it would be soooo much easier to just leave him with his toys while I hurry up the cooking.

But once a while, cooking together like this is quite fun (although I ended up fixing most of his works hahaha. Shhhh.).. With him feeling involved and a sense of achievement, his appetite actually is much better too. ^^

Yeap. He finished the whole bowl!!

Junya wants to do it again!

If you flip the Myojo Instant Noodle packet, there’s actually a surprise!

There’s a tip on how to easily decorate your food, for example making this cute little chick with just pieces of cut carrot and a sesame seed.

And super super easy Tako sausage that everyone can make!

Also, if you have young kids at home and you love cute food, do check out Myojo’s #DecoratingTogether contest, where you stand a chance to win:

  • Weekly Prizes (announced every Friday)
    8 x $10 Capitaland Shopping Vouchers to be won every week in July.
    5 x $10 Capitaland Shopping Voucher to be won every week in August.

  • Grand Prizes (announced after promotion end on 31 August 2017)
    1st Prize: 1 x Family Outing Package (valued at up to $500)
    2nd Prize: 3 x Family Outing Package (valued at up to $300)
    3rd Prize: 10 x Family Outing Package (valued at up to $100)
    Consolation Prize: 24 x Myojo Variety Packs

All you need to do is:

Step1: Cook and make your decoration noodles with Myojo

Step2: Post your decoration noodles on Social media (Facebook & Instagram) with hashtag #DecoratingTogether

Also, Myojo Limited Edition Box will be available in Fairprice from 4 August 2017!

For more info on the contest and prizes, check out You won’t want to miss the attractive prizes!