I really enjoy posting all the #lazymamacookinghack ideas on Instagram, and am extra happy when some followers tell me that they have tried some of the tricks and found them useful.

Today I’m introducing the quickest meal you can ever make yourself because I know… mama is always the last to eat, there are always kids to feed first, chores to do first, and sometimes we end up skipping a meal or two as you are just too tired to even make something nice for your own tummy.

A while ago I have introduced Captain Oats’ Instant Oats, Quick Cooked and Rolled Oats as meal ideas, today I will be showing you an even more convenient and time-saving option!

Is it possible to make a wholesome snack/meal under 10 seconds?😱

Yeap, it is as eazy and as instant as it sounds!


Captain Oats Eazy-Go Instant Oatmeal

Captain Oats Eazy-Go is the perfect wholesome companion on busy days (which is… errr, everyday? Haha).

It is a convenient, healthy and yummy meal option that provides you with at least 45% of our daily whole grains requirement.

As I have mentioned in the previous Captain Oats post, oatmeals are a great source of dietary fibre for our daily nutrition, and East-Go’s Instant Oats has no preservative added, is cholesterol free and packed with nutrients, so it would make a perfect breakfast or snacks between meals, sometimes supper when you’re hit with hunger pangs in the middle of the night.

Comes in 4 delicious flavors:

Sweet Range: Skimmed Milk Instant Oatmeal, and Honey & Raisin Instant Oatmeal

Savoury Range: Chicken & Mushroom Instant Oat Porridge, and Mixed Vegetables Instant Oat Porridge


There are 5 packs of Instant Oats in a box, and I love how even opening the box is super convenient – with just one touch.

The box then serves as a container itself, and makes a neat kitchen storage!


Now here’s how you prepare the meal.

  1. First you tear open the sachet and pour it in a bowl

2. Add 150 or 200ml of hot water (depending on the flavours)

3. Stir well and serve.

(On the instruction it says to wait for 3 minutes, but one day I was so hungry and I couldn’t wait so I ate it straight, it was tasty nontheless!)

4. Garnish (optional)

Of course, if you have some extra time to spare you can always add extra topping on your Instant Oat bowl. I looooove spring onion so today I added it to my Chicken & Mushroom Instant Oat Porridge.

I actually quite like it in savory! It tasted a little like the Oatmeal Risotto I cooked the other day. I suggest you can also add bacon bits, boiled shredded chicken and fried shallots to your oat porridge bowl!

For the other flavors, it is also up to your creativity to spice them up (or sweeten them up!) a little to improvise a new flavor every day.

I also think that it is a perfect meal companion for people who often travel a lot. It’s super compact to bring it with you in your luggage, and, how many of us have had the experience of feeling really irritable because you are starving and could not find anything to fill your tummy during your travels? (Also, when the local food turns out to be not really your cup of tea, you at least have a cup of oatmeal, haha.)


You can find out more from Captain Oats:

FB Page: facebook.com/captainoats

Website: http://www.mycaptainoats.com/