I have been a mother now for more than 3 years, which also means that I have changed thousands (yes, thousands!!) of diapers to date, for my two babies.

And trust me (and all the mothers who has handled diapers before), your selection of the right or wrong diaper, could affect your overall sanity. When Junya was still a newborn and I was a cluless, nervous new mom, I spent days and days getting crazy and all stressed out changing leaked diapers, washing poop-filled cot sheets, soiled baby clothes over and over again.

Now that I know better, it never ever happens again – simply by investing in good diapers.

Happy baby, happy mommy.


My criteria in selecting diapers:

1. Only Made In Japan

Maybe I am biased, but this is the number one criteria. Diapers made in Japan is like made in heaven. Is it their superb material? Or brilliant technology?? It makes a world of difference!! If you have used Japanese lotion tissue before, you will know what I mean. If they can produce silk-like tissue papers for your delicate face, I have no doubt that their diapers feel like fluffy clouds on my baby’s precious buttocks.

2. It must fit like a glove with no gap for zero leakage, yet must be soft, gentle and stretchable.

Sounds like a tall order. They say you can’t have it all. But honestly, does anyone want to risk dealing with poop-exploded diapers?

3. Must be breathable!

Sakura has very sensitive skin and she can breakout in rashes in just a second with hot and humid weather, so this is also non-negotiable.

So, here’s the winning contender: Mamypoko Air Fit.

To be honest I have only started using Mamypoko Air Fit very recently and am immediately convinced to continue using it, but actually I have known and used it since a long time ago. Wait… it’s a little confusing.

So actually, MamyPoko Air Fit is sold as “Moony Air Fit” in Japan. And it was one of my favorites to use whenever I could find it in supermarkets. The brand and packaging is different, but the product is actually exactly the same! Just to prove how popular it is in Japan, Moony Air Fit” won 3 consecutive years of “Mother’s Selection Award”.

In Singapore and Malaysia, the same product is branded as Mamypoko Air Fit. And it fits all 3 of my must-have criteria, and even more!

First of all, of course, Mamypoko Air Fit is made in Japan and is N0.1 Mom’s Choice in Japan for 3 years. It is also the premium range from Mamypoko.

Secondly, Mamypoko Air Fit has not given me a single leakage problem. It closes the gaps in legs and tummies gently, the waistband is also very stretchable and I can see that Sakura feels very comfortable in it. 

She has started moving a lot (walking, climbing, rolling around on bed…), but I feel secure knowing that I won’t have to deal with soiled bed sheets anymore!!

Next, Mamypoko Air Fit has a superior breathable design in the waist area where the babies most frequently sweat. It has developed an all round air flow function which releases humid air out from the diaper from all angles.

I also like how stretchable the waistband is compared to a few previous brands I have used, this makes pulling up the pants a breeze especially when baby is just fresh out of shower. No more struggling to wiggle the pants up the waist of an escaping baby!

We all know how humid and hot the weather is like in Malaysia and Singapore, so it is super important for the diaper to have great ventilation to have less worries about nappy rash.

We are out in the sun, went to the beach, and Sakura stays fresh all the time!

Other bonus points include super soft and stretchy material for utmost comfort for long hours, and also excellent absorbency up to 12 hours so we mommies stay worry-free for night sleeps.

It is also a savior for families who are always traveling like us. During our recent trip to Japan, we were out almost the whole day all the time, and it is not always easy to find nursery rooms for diaper change.

Believe it or not, sometimes we could be out for one whole day, like the summer festivals and fireworks shows where toilets are inaccessible, and I only changed Sakura when we got back home at night. (Although the diaper ended up being very bloated and heavy haha. But still, zero leakage!!!)

And if you think about it this way, even if you are paying a premium price for the product, it is actually more worth it than other cheaper brands because you end up using less!!!

So yes! Mamypoko Air Fit would be the no.1 choice for Sakura now, as it works perfectly for us and is of better value compared to other Japan-made brands. If you are thinking of trying out, they have a Japan Fiesta Summer contest running right now, where you stand a chance to win a family trip to Japan worth RM15,000 each with purchase of MamyPoko!!

Yes!! Japan!! That’s my kind of prize hehe.

You only need to buy certain Mamypoko Packs and apply from WeChat. More info is on their Facebook Page here.

Watch the super cute Mamypoko Air Fit TVC!