The last time I did eyelash extension was right before I gave birth to Sakura, and it was a bit like a motivation treat for myself for having to bring another human to this world lol.

So… it has been more than 1 year, that I had not been able to step away from her for even that 2 hours to make myself look pretty. I know that there are a lot of good eyelash salons in Singapore and I have been meaning to visit one… so one day I requested the danna to watch Sakura for a couple of hours so that I could get dolled up with some nice lashes.

And I went to Lucieo Tokyo!

The very first Lucieo was started in June 2011 by 2 bestfriends Keiko & Meiko in Omotesando, and it made its debut in Singapore, right in the very convenient and happening Robertson Walk.

I know… I know. In the end the danna had to go for a meeting so I had to take Sakura anyway T_T. I bring her to the salon when I get my hair done with no problem, but eyelash extension is indeed… a bit challenging…😅. I mean… I had to have my eyes closed the entire time!!! So basically when it comes to taking care of a baby, I was as good as a fainted vampire.

But thanks to Leona (in white), my eyelist and her friend Steph, Sakura was very well taken care of until my session was over.

Anyway, this is Lucieo! You can trust the Japanese technique when it comes to beauty. The main difference of their technique is the care and art.

Care and Art

One of the reasons that I was hesitant to go for lash extensions is that I feel that they tend to cause damages to my real lashes. I tried it once many years ago in KL and I ended up having my real lashes all fallen off.😭

The clients’ eyelash health and eye comfort as Lucieo Tokyo’s utmost priority, and they apply the eyelash, with a 1-2mm distance away from the skin, to ensure that the extension and glue do not touch the skin at all to prevent complication like infection and ingrown eyelash problems.

UPwardlash Skill

Lucieo Tokyo has launched this new technique in March 2017, dedicated for client’s with droopy lashes ( like me!!) Right now in Singapore, they are one of the two salons that are certified with this technique.
There are no chemicals or perming involved, and a plus point in this technique is that, it stays neat longer and the extensions lasts longer!
Here’s my experience:

Can see the difference???

Ok this before and after picture is damn drastic haha. How can I live without lash extension now..😭

And yes, they can provide extensions for lower lashes too, which I did!

Look at how curled up it is!!

The entire experience was also pleasant without any discomfort. You can even opt for an under eye pad mask (at additional $10) during the service so you can have some pampering for your eyes at the same time! And then when it’s finally done, you wake up to bigger, brighter and more beautiful eyes! Awesome.

Love it soooo much!

If you are wondering how different it looks with different amount of lashes, here’s a comparison photo for your reference:

And if you are wondering how the UPward skill looks compared to normal skill, here’s a comparison picture:

Quite a big difference!

The prices start from $130 but they are having a first timer promotion for 130 lashes using the standard skill at only $100!!

Single lash packages:

2 sessions of $190

5 sessions for $450

As for upwardlash skill, the usual price is $160 and first timer can enjoy it at $130 for 130 lashes.

Also also, you may request for manager eyelist for Leona at extra $20 on first visit, $10 subsequently per visit.

Collagen Red Light Therapy

Another service that Lucieo Tokyo offers is the currently very popular collagen red light therapy in Japan for ladies who want to look younger and have better skin.

Red Light Therapy is extremely safe, all-natural and UV FREE process that encourages your body to naturally produce enzymes, elastin fibers, and collagen that support the skin’s structure, thus producing a younger, smoother, firmer looking skin.

This is how the machine looks.

Yes, it’s like a capsule where you lie down inside with all your clothes off, which means… it’s a treatment for your whole body!

I know there are lots of treatment for different part of your body, for example facial treatments, lasers and body scrub that specifically targets problematic areas, but this is the first time I’m trying an external treatment that targets to improve the wellbeing of your entire body.

This Red Light Therapy was actually originally developed by NASA to help heal tired, fatigued astronauts on their return to earth, as well as improve wound healing and tissue growth in space. Sounds like rocket science, right? (ha.ha.) Now they found it beneficial for every regular beauty-loving people like us!

The Red light is able to easily penetrate the skin to a depth of 8- 10mm, encouraging the cells to naturally stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin.

For those who has done lasers and other light therapies like IPL, rest assured that for Red Light, there’s absolutely no pain or discomfort during treatment, it is UV FREE, no medical risk, and no recovery time. It’s one of the latest and most advanced anti-aging treatments to look younger and healthier without the need of surgery.

What you do is that you remove your clothes, cover your eyes with a pair of goggles, lie down in the machine and press start. The treatment will take 20 or 30 minutes, and you just relax inside the capsule. It feels warm and by the end of the session I sweated quite a bit. Basically it’s like a mini sauna but a lot more gentle.


This is taken directly after the therapy, no make up, and I get this natural blush that looks like I’ve had my cheeks tinted!

By the way, best to come with freshly showered skin without any make up or sunblock. Lucieo provides make up removers just in case you come with make up on. There are also facial toner, moisturizer, sun block and bb cream after you finish your collagen therapy, how thoughtful!

With regular sessions, you can expect firmer and younger skin, it also helps heal damaged skin. And other than external improvement, the therapy also works on improving your body’s immunity and blood circulation (hence the flush!) and even to relieve joint and muscle pain.

Recommended frequency to come is 2 times per week, and to see results, you will need to go for at least 10 sessions.

They are having a promo right now:

  Collagen Therapy first timer trial $50 (20mins)
  Collagen Therapy 10 sessions package @ $400 (U.P $500) (30mins/session) (1 free lifting serum)
  Collagen Therapy 20 sessions package @ $750 (U.P $900) (30mins/session) (2 free lifting serum)
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You can check out Lucieo Tokyo for more info!

Book appointment: +659780 8294

11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk
#01-32, Singapore 237995