(Anyway I promised myself to blog twice a week to keep good ol’ bloggers from going extinct, so here’s me making effort. I did 3 posts in the past week. You are welcome.)

I want to laugh at myself.

When was the last time I did this? Anyway here’s a super quick post to fill up all the other real posts, and to save myself some dignity when it comes to effort of trying to not look like a frump😅.

So when I am in Singapore, the only time I do step out of the house is to pick the kids up from school, usually in the clothes I wear at home to dust the cabinets and cook in the kitchen so pardon me if you see ketchup stains or spider web on my shirt. And thank goodness Singaporean mothers all look quite down to earth (although I feel a little ashamed when all full-time working moms come in their elegant work wear complete with high heels), so I don’t feel so super stressed out with my choice of outfits and the amount of color paint I put on my face.😟

But in Japan, I just cannot let that happen. I mean… it is Japan. Haha.

So here are a few hairmake styles that you missed or no longer miss hahaha. It was for my Tokyo trip in September!

Photographer credit: Awesome me. And my phone as remote.
Camera: My awesome Fujifilm XT20


Hairmake 1

Honestly I haven’t spent so long on putting on makeup since forever. I even wore color lenses ok.

Hair also anyhow just braid at the side and clip it behind lol.

This hairbow is from Cups & Kisses!

Top & Bottom are from @aboutagirl_sg at Isetan Scotts. Haha I didn’t want to dirty the floor so I moved the rug in front of the mirror. #GoodTenant

I was staying in a very clean and nice apartment in Shibuya via HomeAway!


Hairmake 2

Clean makeup today with hair loosely combed back.

With some random twists at the back and just pinned them in place. I couldn’t see the back so it ended up super messy lol. I really admire all those Japanese girls who can braid their own hair and look perfect 360°. HOW???


Omg I love this knit kago bag I got from W Closet from Harajuku. It’s so super useless because I couldn’t even put my camera in but omg it’s too cute not to have!! Even just for picture also worth it!!!!

Full body. Dress and sheer white gown from @aboutagirl_sg!


Hairmake 3

Darker colors for autumn feel, Hair is styled with Hair Beauron Straight Iron, finished with a little hair wax.

Outfit and Legato bag from @aboutagirl_sg.


Hairmake 4

Hair curled with Hair Beauron Straight Iron.

I was obsessed with jewel hair pins at that time and I bought all the hair clips and pins from random accessory shops in Tokyo.

The back. Hahha I already tried my best ok. I can’t pack my hairstylist husband with me for every travel job lolol.

That’s all for today.

A real post coming up next.