So I have blogged about what I feed cheesiepetits for breakfast and lunch, and this time it’s about their snack time!!

Recently I have allowed them to snack as much as they want, as long as they have finished a proper meal. It’s also a good plan to load them up with extra calories that they really need and to fill any nutritional gaps.

So here are some of the perfect timings to dish out those yummy snacks!

1. Hunger fix

It is not yet lunch/dinner time, but your little munching machines are getting fidgety. Junya will usually start whining that he’s hungry when he comes back from school, and I have yet to cook dinner.


For weekends, I typically serve them a plate of snack at about 10am, after they have had their breakfast. Cookies and fruits are the quickest and easiest!

This is Nestle Gerber Graduates’s newest Graduates series – Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers and Arrowroot Cookies!

Both Junya and Sakura loooves the Yogurt Melts from Gerber Graduates, and now I can have a cute and fun snack platter for them!

Here are my super quick and fun-looking snack plates!

Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers comes in adorable animal shaped designs and is made with 29% of whole grains, fortified with Vitamin E, Zinc and Iron, and flavoured with a dash of cinnamon to add that little complexity of taste for those little tastebuds. these crackers are the ideal choice for a wholesome snack! They are recommended for children from 12 months old, or children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods. Both Junya and Sakura can have it!

Arrowroot Cookies has a slightly softer texture that mashes quickly for easy chewing
and swallowing. Just like the Animal Crackers, the cookies are also fortified with Vitamin E and Zinc that are essential for our children’s growth and development.They are recommended for children from 10 months!

Our snack menu today:

Cinnamon Graham Animal Crackers, Arrowroot Cookies, Mixed Berries Yogurt Melts, Australian Strawberries and Gerber 100% Apple Juice.

These Nestlé Gerber Graduates New Bakery Snacks do not contain any artificial flavours, colors or
artificial sweeteners, so mommies who are concerned with additives can rest assured.

They are selling in all leading stores in Singapore at S$8.90 for Cinnamon Graham
Animal Crackers and $7.90 for Arrowroot Cookies per pack!


2. Movie Time!

We adults love movies and popcorn, cheesiepetits love anime time with cereal puffs.

Our Gerber Graduates Puffs collection. I have 6 flavors on rotation so that they don’t get bored of it.

Honestly I think that these wholesome little puffs taste a little mild for Junya and Sakura’s age as it is designed for crawlers to practice self-feeding, but the both of them looooove the puffs, I think because they grew up with it since they were little crawlers themselves.

Junya loves banana flavor while Sakura prefers her apple-flavored puffs.

Honestly, this mini movie session is so so so so useful for me the mama who needs an uninterrupted 30 minutes to fix a quick lunch!

It’s indeed everybody’s favorite time of the day! Fun movies, tasty treats, free time for mama, who doesn’t love it?


3. Meal Rewards

Sometimes when I know that the kids have low appetite, this is where their favorite snacks come into play.

The Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts are their meal rewards when they have finished their food. (For Sakura I won’t put it on the plate because she will dive her little hands straight for the sweet treats first lol.) It works quite well to motivate Junya to empty his plate!

Happy meal time! ^^

I hope your little ones will enjoy their snack time!

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