Christmas is coming and we are all busy shopping for that perfect Christmas party! What could be your Christmas dish of the year this time?

For me, I decided to make something cute and kids-friendly – a Christmas Party Tower!!

It’s a snack/hi-tea tower platter for simple home party. It looks cute too so it’d be a hit with the kids!

I actually got the inspiration from FairPrice Finest’s E-catalogue this year.

I’m feeling the jolly season already!

You may order your Culina Christmas set from Fair Price for a fuss-free party at home, or you can also cook up a feast all from scratch!

Find the ‘Shop Now’ buttons in the X’mas e-Catalogue to direct you to the e-commerce page FairPrice Online to purchase the products more conveniently. Also, there are also featured X’mas recipes for your party ideas!

This was what inspired my recipe today:

Such a glorious tiered canapes! It instantly make you look like a super host qualified with culinary talent, yet it is fairly simple to put together! I mean, you literally just put things together. Haha.

Here’s my shopping list for some of the items I bought for the recipe:


Here are the list of ingredients you’ll need for the canapes:

  1. Christmas Tree Salad Picks – Cucumber, radish (pink or white), olive oil, lemon juice, cocktail sausage
  2. Reindeer sausages – Cocktail sausage, black sesame, pasta (stick), paprika or tomato
  3. Assorted crackers – Ritz crackers, assorted fruits, cream cheese, cheese cubes.
  4. Other – Laughing cow party cubes
  5. Decoration purpose – pink peppercorn, dill


Christmas Tree Salad Picks

A light and refreshing appetizer!

First, get thinly shaved cucumber and radish slices using a peeler. Marinate with a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice and a dash of salt for 15 minutes.

Fold the cucumber slices like a ribbon and pierce it with a wooden pick (or decorative Christmas picks if you have!) and onto a piece of cocktail sausage.

Do the same with radish peels.

Decorate your “Christmas Trees” with pink peppercorn.

Cut cheese cubes with star-shaped cutter and place it on top of your “Chrtistmas Trees”.


Reindeer Sausage

They look cute and yummy! 😀

Cut the cocktail sausage into 4 parts: body, head, ears and tail.

You join the body parts together using toasted pasta stick. For 3-4 reindeers, 1 pasta stick is enough.

Place toasted pasta sticks on head as their antlers, and decorate the eye with black sesame and big, red nose with cut paparika or tomato. If it doesn’t stick, I usually dab it with tiny amount of mayonnaise. ^^


Assorted Crackers

These are the easiest! I’m sure everyone can do this. Just crackers, cream cheese, and your favorite fruits. I use Muscat grapes, raspberries and strawberries here.



It’s done! I added laughing cow cheese cubes to fill the space. Haha.

Hope you can get some ideas and get more creative with your own party tower! ^^

By the way, even if you don’t have a tiered tray, you can also serve it on a flat platter, it looks just as good.^^

Personalised Ribbon

Notice this gorgeous gold ribbon? It has… the name of this blog! 😀

Receive a one-metre personalized ribbon with a name of your choice with a min. spend of $50 in one receipt for selected weekends. Find out the roving store schedule here .


Christmas Recipe Cards

If you head to FairPrice Finest, look out for their recipe cards at the Christmas section!

Did some extra shopping while I was there. Haha.

In-Store 3D Optical Illusion Wall Art

This year, FairPrice Finest is also having 3D Optical Illusion Wall Art at 4 of their stores! I spotted this glass bauble at FairPrice Finest, Bukit Timah Plaza.

There is a contest ongoing from now till 27 Dec, you just need to pose and snap photos and upload it on your Instagram and you stand a chance to win up to $1000 FairPrice Gift Vouchers!

Alright let me try…

To lift a huge snow ball. No that was too heavy for me.

Ok maybe a smaller one…

I think I’ll just reach for the marble candies. ^^

Haha okay I’m sure you can pose more creatively than me!

Head down to challenge it yourself! ^^