Do you know that the humble kitchen towels in your home is actually a lot more useful that you thought, other than cleaning up the mess in the kitchen?

A while ago I posted a video on IG about cutting a block of butter with kitchen towel so that you get to slice your butter effortlessly without the butter sticking to your knife, and the best part is that the knife won’t get greasy either!! I love this hack so much because as a #lazymama #busymama, you want to save as much time and trouble as you can.

So today I’m gonna share a few handy tips of utilizing kitchen towels to ease your cooking life, and other than that, a simple and yummy Cheat One recipe for your CNY 2018!

Today I’d like to recommend Pursoft Food-Safe Kitchen Towels!!

Pursoft’s Kitchen Towels are made with food-grade paper to ensure that no toxic contamination occurs in food preparations. So for those who worry about contamination, you can feel safe to use this for food-contact, including raw meat and cooked food.

Other than that, Pursoft’s kitchen towels has a unique advanced technology emboss pattern for ultra oil absorbency, which means that you can now soak up extra oil for healthier food preparation.

Another feature is its AirSacs Water-Lock Technology, which soaks up moisture from vegetables for crisper storage.

It’s perfect for all the kitchen towel usage, especially when it comes to direct contact with food! And I’d like to share a few tips on using kitchen towels to help you prepare your meals!


Keeping Vegetable Crisp

Vegetables like salad leaves usually don’t last very long, and wrapping the leaves in a kitchen towel helps absorb excess moisture to prevent them from rotting.

Keep the wrapped vegetables in a ziplock bag and store it in the fridge.


Cleaning and Storing Mushrooms

Many people ask if I wash or rinse mushrooms. Washing mushroom is not really recommended (unless it is a huge amount of mushrooms then I’ll give them a quick rinse) as it will end up soaking up the water and lose its flavor (the drier the mushroom is, the more umami it gains! Which is why dried mushrooms are the best for soup stock and dashi). If you are concerned about the dirt, you can wipe it off gently with a damp kitchen towel.

Store it in a ziplock bag for future use.

Herbs Storing

We usually use only a small amount of herbs such as parsley, basil, etc at one time, but sometimes the markets only sell a huge bunch. In this case you could wrap them up in a damp kitchen towel, then further cling wrap it and store it in the fridge to help them last longer.

I do the same to store spring onion too.

It’s easy to chop them up at one go and store it in a container with a damp kitchen towel underneath.


Cooking Bacon in Microwave

When you don’t have the time to watch those fatty bacon bits slowly sizzle in a fry pan (you know, one child screaming for you to build blocks with him and another tugging your shirt asking to be carried😒) here’s a useful tip!

Line two layers of kitchen towel on a plate and place the bacon chips or strips on top.

Microwave it for 2-3 minutes.

It works miraculously just the same as pan-frying! Bacon turns fragrant and crispy. And the best part?? The oil gets all soaked up in the kitchen towel. Think of all the calories it has saved you! 😀

I use the crispy bacon bits as my meal toppings. This is daikon curry with bacon, super yummy!



Here’s the video I posted on IG earlier.

Really happy that many followers DM’ed me to tell me that this works perfectly for them! However there was also a follower who told me that I was gonna contaminate my butter with germs (on the kitchen towel). I never thought about that because I have been using kitchen towels to soak up oils from fried food for years. But in any case if you are concerned, look out for a kitchen towel brand that is food-safe!



And… recipe time!!

You have seen my Cheat One™ Garlic Butter Scallop on Instagram, so here’s the step-by-step in picture!

Ingredients (for 2 pax):

Eringi mushroom – 2 packets
Butter – 20g (or as much as you like haha)
garlic – freshly sliced or tube
shoyu – 1 tbsp
mirin – 1 tsp
Pursoft kitchen towel – a few pieces

I usually buy Nagano or Kumamoto Eringi mushroom as they are huge. Pick the biggest ones so that your “scallops” are big haha.


And ready to cook!

First you cut the Eringi horizontally into about 1.5cm round slices.

Create criss-cross fine cuts on both surfaces.

Looks a little like scallop already! 😀

Slice butter using kitchen-towel technique.

Easy and grease-free!

Heat up the pan, melt the butter and fry garlic (minced or sliced) until fragrant.

Fry Eringi mushroom on both sides.

Add shoyu and mirin, and sautee until it turns brown.

And it is ready to serve!

The whole family loves this dish.

It makes a budget and healthy CNY dish!

Watch the video here:


From now till 28 Feb, buy any Pursoft Food-Safe Wet Wipes 50s or Pursoft Food-Safe Kitchen Towel and get a free CP Chicken broth free!! Check in-store for more details ^^