Quick filler post while I prepare for our family spring trip back to Japan.

My… yearly coordinate post😂. First and maybe last of 2018 😂. It is really because the danna was helping out every day with the kids, cooking and housework in the apartment that I get to play dress up… a little. People who think that I look like this every can’t be more wrong 😂. I usually go pick cheesiepetits up from school in Singapore in my pajamas hahaha.

We were in Gold Coast last year and the heat was insane. This year we postponed our trip and it was perfectly warm and breezy in the day and cooling at night!  Also the easiest weather to coordinate your outfits. Winters are always disastrous for me.

So here are some outfits. 😅 And I think it’s no use knowing what I wear anyway because I bulk-bought most of my clothes from zozotown because they are having crazy deals for off-season apparels, and then have them shipped to the danna when he travels to Japan for work and bring them back for me. I guess you can use a forwarder if you insist haha. But some of the clothes are really dirt cheap like from 700 yen!


Coordinate 1

Top: GYDA (I wore it backwards so that it is less revealing haha)
Bottom: Egoist

So that can bring the sexy back 😛



Coordinate 2

Bottom: ANAP (for like 1200 yen!!)

Pineapple girls

Coordinate 3

Top: Lowry’s Farm
Bag: Human Woman

Coordinate 4

Bottom: Beauty&Youth
Hat: Bought more than 10 years ago!!
Shoes: BEAMS


Coordinate 5

Special guest hehe.

Top: AZUL By Moussy


Coordinate 6

Same hat, same bottom, same shoes, new top I got from Billabong. I always wanted to try out Aloha shirts haha. It’s super comfy! Tote bag is novelty gift from Japanese fashion magazines. I have tones of those and they are my favorites!

Camera from Fujifilm Singapore hehe.


Coordinate 7

Dress from About A Girl in Isetan Scotts. The straw hat is a gift for Sakura but it’s too big for her so… mama wear.😅


Coordinate 8

The same top is coordinate 1 but different color. This time I wear it front-correct. 😛 Denim skirt from About A Girl in Isetan Scotts.

Coordinate 9

Dress from Lzzie


Family Coordinate

We are all wearing… a wink! 😉

Update again soon! I have too much to catch up!