The theme for the second half of 2018 and continuing into 2019 for me, is “Love Myself”.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. I know it’s true. There were some really dark moments earlier this year that rendered me incapable of feeling any sort of joy. I felt unloved from the world and I wasn’t capable of giving any either. I knew I couldn’t let it consume my whole soul, and slowly I tried to climb my way out of it.

If you follow my journey for the past few months, you know I have been actively working again, traveling again, exploring new places, splurging on good food (sushi, sushi!!), and making effort to look beautiful again. I feel that my cup slowly gets filled up and I can start pouring again. 🙂

One of my goals this year was to achieve fuller, bouncier looking skin (after substantial weight loss). There are a few things I did –

1. Eat more.

2. Went for facial fillers

3. Extra inner care – collagen replenishment.


So this post is about my collagen replenishment with Collagen Re Force by ORBIS.

You already know I don’t do a lot of reviews on beauty/health products because I think it’s really subjective, and that I am selective and careful. I have consumed this product for months before this review.

There are soooo many different collagen products in the market, and I think a lot of them are very good ones too. But Collagen Re Force has a few benefits that put it in an advantage as a top pick for me:


1. I trust the brand

Other than collagen drink, I am also using their skin care ranges (super love the Powder Wash+!), and taking their supplements (Vitamin C, Calcium) since early this year. It’s a very established brand from Japan (ORBIS is as old as I am!!), with many products winning multiple cosme awards, and cares for the environment and people (with its tree plantation activities and reconstruction support for affected areas hit by disasters).


2. It comes as a delicious drink in a bottle

Most collagen products come in sachet or powder form. It’s a challenge to continue consuming because I often feel can’t find a good beverage to mix the powder with, and I get tired of the taste soon.

Since collagen is something you should take daily, I recommend choosing a collagen product that you think you can consume the most frequently, easily and conveniently.

When it is in a tiny bottle, it makes consumption ultra convenient. I already have a habit of buying bottles of beauty or energy drinks from the combini whenever I visit Japan, so this makes it just a simple routine every day right in my own home.

How does it taste like?

I love it! It has a fruity flavor of “La France” pear, a very luxurious fruit grown in Yamagata Prefecture. It has a very aromatic, sweet fragrance which makes Collagen Re Force almost like a alcoholic dessert wine just before bed time.


I store the bottles in the fridge because it taste even better chilled! I have an extra small fridge dedicated just for it haha.

My daily routine – a bottle of Collagen Re Force before bed, for beautiful skin.


3. Super high collagen content

When you purchase collagen products next time, do take note on the amount of collagen peptides it contains. Most collagen products has a range of 1500mg-6000mg. And Collagen Re Force has a whopping 10,000mg! That’s the highest I’ve seen in collagen products. We all need collagen more than we think, as it’s not only just about our skin. Our bones, hair, nails, and joints will all need the benefits of having a collagen boost.


4. A Double Approach

We all know that our collagen levels deplete over time as we age as our body’s natural production of collagen begins to slow down, so we will need to replenish it in some way.

Many collagen products are focusing solely on replenishing, but Collagen Re Force does extra – Replenish X Reproduce.

Replenishment alone is not enough. Many people have said that consuming collagen doesn’t work, and that is because simply consuming is not sufficient as collagen is constantly prone to damage. Age, and other external factors such as UV rays stimulate the production of collagen-degrading enzymes which causes collagen damage too.

To counter that, first you need a collagen that is very easily absorbed by the body. As Collagen Re Force contains an abundant 10,000mg of collagen peptides which are micro-sized molecules,, it makes absorption and replenishment very effective.

Secondly, to supplement the intake of collagen, Lemon Balm Extract in Collagen Re Force helps the body to reproduce healthy collagen by supporting the process of breaking down damaged collagen to be reused for generating new and healthy collagen.

So it sounds like now you have a good cycle to help you constantly support the production of collagen in your body.

Furthermore, Long Pepper Extract also protects the blood vessels to ensure smooth delivery of collagen to required areas of the body, while Vitamin C, one of the most important component will promote collagen synthesis.

And you get all of these in one single bottle.

But, you know what is even more convenient?

Collagen Jelly

Collagen Jelly in a stick!! I bring this with me when I travel because it is so super tiny and convenient!

This super yummy fruity jelly comes in two flavors – Citron & Lemon and White Grape.

It contains 1,000mg of collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B6. Not as powerful as Collagen Re Force in terms of collagen volume but it’s perfect as an on-the-go beauty snack! It’s also fat-free and low in calorie so that makes it an even better sweet fix than your usual candies and gummies.

You can take 1 to 2 sachets daily, and have it as a tasty afternoon snack!


And now the million dollar question is – is this whole collagen trend worth the money?

Honestly, one of the most difficult things about reviewing beauty/health product is to determine how effective the product is, and usually the result is very personal and subjective.

For me, I can’t precisely tell you how many wrinkles have disappeared from my body or how much bouncier my skin has been resembling a trampoline (I really wish there’s some way to measure all these! Then we can tell for sure that something is working).

But what I can say is that, I feel positive taking Collagen Re Force continuously. It has become a little luxurious treat for myself daily, a booster to help me advance on my “Love Myself” journey, and I love it enough to want to continue taking it. I am quite content with how my skin has been recently, it could be the collagen, it could also be just because I feel happier now.

Collagen Re Force is available at ORBIS stores, counters and online. It is priced at S$56 (50mL x 10 bottles). If you are an ORBIS member (membership is free with any purchase!), you can purchase Collagen Re Force at $49 per box (U.P. $56) and $142/ 3 boxes (U.P. $168). The promotion is valid until 24 January 2019. I’d recommend 3 boxes to try out for a month (see my fridge is all stocked up with Collagen Re Force!) and see how you feel about it. 🙂