A really long anticipated beauty post! So many readers told me they miss my beauty posts, and here’s one finally!

Cheesie’s J-Beauty Picks from Guardian Singapore

Guardian Singapore is known for their wide selections of beauty products from all over the world. This time around, Guardian is bringing beauty enthusiasts around the world with its latest and exclusive beauty launches with products from popular beauty destinations such as Japan, Korea, Europe, America and more. Instead of buying it online, you can now visit Guardian stores and test them out to complete your desired Insta-famous looks with pocket-friendly, quality beauty gems right in the home of Singapore!

Today I am focusing on what I know best – Japanese beauty products.

The last time I checked my dressing table, I have nothing else but beauty products from Japan. Every time I go back to Japan, cosme stores are one of my compulsory stop to update myself with the latest hot beauty items. The beauty products from drugstores in Japan are not only super affordable but also of really good quality!

Some of these super popular brands are available locally right at Guardian Singapore – from cosmetics, skin care to hair care, let me share a little about my J-Beauty picks today.


Face Care

Saborino Morning Mask

Well by now you should have heard of Saborino, because it is a face mask brand that has just sold 100 million pieces worldwide! I love how innovative it is to solve some of girl’s biggest beauty woes. We all need that morning-ready, make-up ready skin right-away we get off our bed, right?

This particular mask is for morning use, and it has 3 functions – face wash + skin care + moisturizing make up base.

Wake up, pull out a sheet, leave it on your face for 60 seconds and take it off. Believe it or not, you have just cleansed your face, put on moisturizer and a base that’s ready for your make up routine.



Hadalabo is yet another Japanese household name in the beauty industry. It was probably one of the first Japanese skin care brands I used because it is super affordable.

Since this brand needs no further introduction, today I am sharing a little beauty hack that I have been using lately – especially useful for heavy-travellers!

And it is… to make your own face mist!

I love face mists because it’s my savior in-flight to combat extreme dry air. But face mists are… very expensive. And usually doesn’t come in mini size. (Even if they come in travel-sizes, they somehow have low value because it’s not that much cheaper than full-size bottles!)

So… let’s make our own face mist! Buy a small spray bottle from either DAISO or Muji. I pick a super small size bottle so that I can bring it on flight with me. Just refill after my trip!

Hadalabo is affordable so you can spray it as much as you like, anytime, anywhere haha. I keep it on my to-go make up pouch and spray on my face to keep hydrated all day especially during winter travel.


Make Up

Eye Make up – D.U.P, K-Palette, Dejavu

These are some of the regular brands you will always see on the “top selling” racks in Japanese cosme stores. And for good reasons!

D.U.P is a strong player in false lashes and double eyelid tape/glue, while K-Palette is really well-known for their liners that don’t smudge. Dejavu gives you lashes that go on and on.

I think I haven’t put on falsies ever since I became a mommy and I was a little out of touch haha. I challenged it for the first time in yearssss and I am surprised at how super fine, natural and light it has improved these days! Although for daily make up I still prefer mascaras but I’m definitely stocking some up for dramatic occasions such as… costume parties? And days when mascaras run out haha ^^



I am SO happy that Guardian SG is carrying this brand! If you follow me on IG stories you already know this is on my #CheesieApproved list! And it’s exclusively available in Guardian Singapore!

Japanese-style make up always emphasises on how light and natural it looks, therefore the products used are also very fuss-free and simple. Instead of layering and shading, it is usually a one-for-all solution.

I LOVE (must capital letters haha) Sugao’s Air Fit CC Cream (now they even have DD), I only need one of these as my foundation. Nothing else. Glides on your skin like cloud and it feels like you have nothing on. Although I must admit the coverage is also light, but it gives a suppin (no-makeup) feel that’s very important for natural make up!

Anyway, here’s another small hack – one-for-all pink make up using Sugao’s Cheek & Lip mousse.

The texture is a very special whipped-cream like mousse with matte finish, so you can really apply it on various parts of your face. Let’s do a pink make-up day!

I am going to apply it on 4 different places – Cheek, lip, eye and brows.

First apply it on lips and cheek, spread it out like it’s a fluffy cloud. Smudge some over your upper eyelids, and lastly dab a little on brows to give it a tint.

To avoid looking like a slab of steak tatare, I apply shimmer on the center of my eyelids too to give it more dimension.

One product for 4 places!

Hair Care

Next up are some of the hair care range you can find in Guardian SG. I usually use minimum hair styling products when I have straight hair, but once a while when I need some stylish curls that last, Lucido-L and Liese are of great help!

I have a collection of Lucido in different texture and strength for different holding powers. It also comes in an even smaller pocket-size so it’s travel-friendly! Apply it on curls and scrunch for that slight messiness.

Lastly, coat it with a light spray of Liese’s Airy Volumizing Hair Spray for better hold.

And we are ready for the day. ^^


I hope you like what I have shared, and remember you can get these hot Japanese beauty items right in Singapore, just head over to a Guardian outlet to update yourself with Japan’s latest beauty trends!