In Japan, other than Konmari method which is all the hype now, Danshari (断捨離) is also trending at the moment – it is pretty much the same, to declutter and simplify your home and life, keeping only things that you really need and bring joy to you.

And that includes pretty things that make you happy every time you use it.

For my bathroom, the latest addition is Ahalo Butter, a very popular made-in-Japan hair & body care range that is so pretty it gives your bathroom a beautiful cottage garden vibe.

Ahalo sounds very Hawaiian because I guess I relate it to Aloha, haha. (But it does contain ingredients from Hawaii!) Ahalo actually comes from “A halo”. Yes, the glowing ring above an angel’s head. It aims to provide in-home botanical spa treatment for healthier hair growth that resembles a luminous angel’s halo.

It sounds very romantic and girlish but of course, it is not all just about pretty things.

There are some serious science and research behind this Japanese hair care range.

First of all, there are a few variations of products. Two types of shampoo and treatment, a hair mask, and three variants of body soap.

Ahalo uses a general amount of carefully selected 49 types of plant-based natural ingredients, including the super fruit Acai originating from the Amazon, butter and oil extracted from sheas, mangoes and coconuts grown under the sunlights in Hawaii and other tropical islands, as well as some traditional Japanese ingredients that prove goodness such as sesame, burdock root and ginger extract.

Despite its sophisticated mix of various ingredients, it smells super good!!

Here are some of the more technical advantages of Ahalo Butter’s product, if you are interested to find out more!

16 amino acids help strengthen hair from the core.

These amino acids works on the hair roots to help the strengthening process from its foundation.

4 Types of important moisturizing ingredients to develop healthy scalp

One of the most special ingredients of Ahalo Butter is its “live collagens”, along with ceramide, raw keratins and hyaluronic acid – four types of ingredients with high moisturizing properties.

Fresh collagen will replenish damaged sections in hair, while ceramides get between cuticles to bond them back together. Fresh keratins will then penetrate into the hair to provide moisture and lastly hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture in scalp and hair.

Benefits of Butter, Oil and Milk

These ingredients can intensively repair damaged hair caused by stresses in our everyday life such as UV rays and heat from hair dryers.

It’s great for every day use for all types of hair, after shampooing itself the hair already feels smooth even before conditioner! I also use the hair mask once a week for intensive care.

Ahalo Butter products available exclusively in Watsons Malaysia at really affordable prices, considering it’s made and imported from Japan!

Ahalo Butter Premium Scalp range

Shampoo 500ml RM49.90
Conditioner 500ml RM49.90
Hair Mask 220ml RM49.90

Ahalo Butter Rich Moist range

Shampoo 500ml RM49.90
Conditioner 500ml RM49.90
Hair Mask 220ml RM49.90

Ahalo Butter Body Soap

Honey Milk 500ml RM45
Classic Flora 500ml RM45
Sweet Rose 500ml RM45

Get yours now for your bathroom!