First Nominee of 2006

Yea. That “Cheesie’s Most Moronic Day of The Year Award” is back. And today is the first nominee for year 2006. Applause, everyone.

Actually I forgot to reveal last year’s winner. But not like it matters anyway.

So I was just trying to see if I could break that “Eat-TV-Online-Eat-TV-Online.” CNY routine by doing something that doesn’t spell anything similar to the routine. God knows it ended up jinxed. Maybe he/she/shim/it doesn’t want me to stay away from my commie.

See. First of all a bad headache (A major), because of, I don’t know? Then Miss Pretty Nokia was dead because her hole is too small. Then Parmie went into a coma prolly because I didn’t give her that aromatherapy shower and she’s upset with me. Then a movie date with Mozzie was cancelled because of all that. (I couldn’t call and all I had was seven bucks in my pocket. Can’t even belanja you unless you wanna watch 10.30am la. But then you’ll have to watch alone d, lol. Oh wait, I just found out I have two unopened ang pows in my back pocket. *slaps face emo*. )

And then. I did something ridiculously…… ridiculous. I’m gonna laugh about it for a week or two. But I actually think I was brave. LOL.

So everything adds up to justify the nomination.

Not the first time happening anyway. Lesson not learnt. Cheesie just never learns her lesson.

I think I’m damn good in pretending as if nothing ever happens if I want to. But guess what? I found out that’s exactly what everybody wants me to do. What bout you Mozzie, can you do as good as I do?

Oh by the cheese, the foie gras was damn nice lor. Like, super duper nice. Actually, super mega cheesy duper nice.
And it’s good for booze addicts’ livers too.

And I damn love Rascal Flatt’s “God bless the broken road”. I’ve played it 27 times.

Have a cheesy day.