Pun of the day:
I Vant to Vatch V For Vendetta Vith you. Vhen are you a-Vailable?

Since I’m utterly hopeless in writing a macho blog, I decided that I’ll drown everyone in my cheeserland with my incorrigible bimboness from now on.

After reading The Right Angle Part I and Part II, Peachick came out with this idea to confuse everyone with my left and right face.

Hey that sounds fun! People say constantly looking at bigass pictures will make you mentally retarded. Therefore, to prevent such misfortune from happening, I made a little picture quiz that will help you exercise your brain a bit. Like how mahjong is good for the senile people kinda thing, you know.

After rummaging through 23GB worth of photos in the cheese gallery, I finally found 10 (Yeah… that’s quite a lot. But teachers always give 10 questions for spelling/dictation quiz no?) suitable pictures—a mix of my left and right face.

Each picture is duplicated and flipped to the opposite side. Now you can see two cheesies of the same pose on both the left and the right face. Like the mirror effect.

However, which is the original (unflipped) one?

Have cheese guessing!

P/S: For those who are too lazy to make your brain run some 10x100m and just want to see bigass photos, enjoy and bon cheesepetite!











PP/SS: Some of the pictures are surgically-enhanced because I had to PS-ly remove a mole that sells my left face out. Pardon that!