Pun of the day:
When you mate a puppy with a bunny you get a rabid dog.


Three guardians of the orchard welcomed us the moment we set foot on their turf.

And i spotted a sweaty cutie.

My cousin. And my cousin’s cousin.

Some cuties in my uncle’s secluded house.

Her name is Brandy. She’s old. An auntie dog.

Brandy is so cute i wanna liquor! 😀

She is fierce though.

Cotton Ball looks fierce too.

But she is a reeeeeeeeeeal cutie!

She wants me to hug hug her!

See! What did i say about animals with their tongue sticking out?

So cute can die!

And she’s not the only one.

This doggie is FOREVER with her tongue stuck out.


And look!


Waaa i feel loved licked.