Pun of the day:
Typing my name as “chessie” will not spell trouble, but i still find it -_-ish .



Then it occurred to me… *maybe* they’re just typos la. Who doesn’t make typos right? I magically transformed “tot u busy” to “tit you bust” before.

So thye msut be tpyos laaaaa.


Or not. -_-


I’d be happier if you misspelled my name as “Chessel”, “Cheezels” or heck, even “Chesty” instead of “CHESSIE” uRGH!!!666!

Mind you, my forehead doesn’t spell “i’m obsessed with chess“. I’m not obchessed with that bored board game lar. Furthermore, cheese and chess are as different as cheese and chess.

You don’t type “I’d like to have ESX with you”, do you?! So freaking stop misspelling my name la!

Anyway, i found this. You’ve prolly seen it a million times oredi, but it’s so cute can die!!!666

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