I’m just curious.

Guys, how exactly do you shop for your working apparels?

For the first time i temaned guys to shop for their office wear. I was horrified.

Every single piece of shirt looked exactly the same to me! Except in color and the width of lines printed on it. I can easily photoshop a hundred patterns with one sample.

Gary was asking for some opinions. So I picked up a shirt with chocolate hue and strawberry stripes.

Me: I think this looks nice.
TT: Are you out of your cheesing mind? Of all things, this is the most ah beng piece i can find in the entire shop.
Me: 0_o How… so?
TT: It just is! Ask Gary.
Me:*turns to Gary* Do you think this looks very ah beng?
Gary: OMG! So geli! This is the epitome of all ah bengness!
Me: ……

I had no idea. With my taste, i decided that i just shouldn’t buy anything for a man.

Me: Then which exactly do you think is nice?
TT: *points to a wallpaper* This.

Me: What?! That’s because the model is hot! The shirt is no different from any other i’ve seen.
TT: Haiya you dunno one la!


How to be tasteful in choosing men’s formal wear? Material? Brand? Color? The cutting is all the same! Guy’s fashion is so awfully sien.

Isn’t it pathetic? Think of a man’s shirt, you draw this.

Can be completed with two strokes!

Think of a girl’s top, you have a hundred ways to draw it. Also, you can choose to expose whichever part you like, neckline, midriff, back! And you can play with whatever colors you want. 😀

Men’s shoes are even more horrifying. They are only available in two colors.

And i can never tell their difference.

It’s really a blessing to be a girl! 😀

They can even wear cheese bread and tortoises on their feet.