Everyone is having a hard time deciding what to give their mom this coming Mother’s Day.

Mom is a Taurean and she’s the downest to earth person i’ve ever known in my entire life.

The horoscope says Taurus moms like things that keep their value such as jewelry. NOT TRUE! She doesn’t own a single piece of jewelry, make-up set or any fancy handbags. She definitely doesn’t go branded. Not someone i can bribe love with some Ferragamos. Cash is like so cold, and Ogawa massage chairs are like, super cliched and EXPENSIVE!!!!!! What do buy for a mom who doesn’t have preference for almost anything at all?

She’s into ONLINE-ing nowadays! She’s Cheeserland’s biggest fan! I think hor, i should buy her a domain such as cheesemom.com or mydaughterischeeseseen.com or chasiuland.com (I’m still not sure whether she thinks that having a cheese-obssessed daughter is better than giving birth to a piece of honey-glazed cha siu.)

So headache.


I saw this outside Ikano Pet Safari. Inspirational!

OMC! I should have thought of this earlier! I should buy her a PUPPY!!! Since i’m away from home and she’s so lonely,

I went to a pet shop yesterday, (if you always see a cheesy shadow creeping in pet shops, always 混吉 only no buy one, sure as hell it’s me) and i saw a FREAKING CUTE Maltipoo!

You know Maltipoo right, Maltese-poodle. Damn cute and kesian-looking one, cappuccino color. That’s the cutest dog in the entire pet shop. I was almost tempted to buy!

It looks something liddis.

But! I remember when Maltipoos grow up hor, they are very ugly one!

Not cute!



Very the ugly %&!%@~(0(@

OMC Jessica Simpson has a Maltipoo that looks like something from Resident Evil.

Why is that the Babypoo is so cute but turns fugly when it grows up? 🙁 *baffled*
I don’t like. My dream puppy is Jojo.

Anyway! Puppy for mommy yes!

I know she’s going to say “You siao cheese, what you’re buying for me is trouble!”


How? What are you buying for your mom?