January 18, 2007 in Cheddie&Pets

April’s new baby.

Amazing how when you think of something, you see it everywhere.


Me: Would you spend one thousand to buy a Tiffany for your girlfriend?
TT: Siao. Tiffany costs more than a thousand. I’d rather buy her something else.
Me: Like… a Maltese? 😀 😀 😀
TT: Ooh. Yea definitely. Along with a mini coffin too.




Anyway. I still think it’s the best pressie ever. A pink Maltese.

Pink ears.

Pink tail.

So cute can die.

What’s cuter than so cute can die?

So cute can die two times.


Liddat i died a million times already.


I started hallucinating having pink Jojo in my pink Cheeserland.

I’m so infatuated with Jojo i had a scheme to steal jojo away from April…


Cheesie: Hey April, i’m taking Jojo for grooming, need to touch up her hightlights. 😀

*steals Jojo away*



Cheesie: See ya soon!

*back in an hour*

Cheesie: LOOK! She’s brunette now! 😀

Muahahaha. 666.

61 responses to “Jojo”

  1. Chen says:

    Jojo is such a sweetie
    So cute 🙂

  2. bulat says:

    SO CUTE!!!~XD lolzz

  3. Ying Bin Sousa says:


  4. Tristan says:

    so cute…!I’m melted…!

    Maltese is so cute with tongue sticking out…but prefer pomeranian or husky!Do u hav any other dogs to steal besides Jojo ?

  5. Mich says:

    CUUUUTE DOGGY!!!! ^__^

    But those pink ears & tail…..@_@ I don’t like dyed dogs….seems like an unimportant cruelty but okay, I’m too strict cuz I’m a former Sloboda Zvierat (something like PETA, just in Slovakia) volunteer. 😛 🙂

  6. blah says:

    love this post! why did april dye her doggy pink?

    cheesie u know wat beats a maltese? a malti-poo. maltese-poodle.

  7. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    is that cage for cheddie too?

    anyway so small these dogs.. can drown in toilet.. b careful.. 😀 or u’ll hv to pay for a plumber too.

  8. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    oh yah.. nice new fringe. 🙂

  9. Peta says:

    I really hope the pink highlights were photoshopped or at the very least not permanent.

    If its the normal highlights for human ‘hair’, surely it’s not good for ‘fur’.

    Poor thing. No offence. Am a Dog lover myself, but its Paris Hilton-Britney Spears pet owners that i cannot stand. Would you dye/highlight your hair pink?. If only dogs could speak.

  10. rinnah says:

    OMG… the lil’ doggie is so CUTE! But is that pink dye thingy permanent?

  11. cheesie says:

    Tristan: No! Did You eye any? 😀
    Mich & Blah: April didn’t do it, the breeder did. She bought Jojo because she looked too cute with pink fur.
    Blah: Yea i did see it. And Mal-Shihs too. But i still prefer pure bred pooch. 😀
    Peta: My PS skill isn’t that good yet. Blame the breeder, we buy whatever we deem cute. I’d sooo hightlight my hair pink, but only with extensions. Lets have extensions for doggies too 😀

  12. Mlisamay says:

    You shouldn’t be dying a dog’s fur! Looks gross.

  13. Hijackqueen says:

    OMG, now you make me want to have a dye Maltese!!!! That is so cute!!!!

  14. Ivy says:

    My heart melts….the puppy is so cute, however, it’s much cuter with it’s original fur… dog fur shouldn’t be dyed…

  15. CuriousAmerikaner says:

    Oh my god. That dog is disgusting. Little dogs are the scum of the earth. Get a real dog, like a german shepard or a golden retreiver. Don’t get filthy, yappy, vermin like that maltese.

    Someone had to say the truth.

  16. Lennie says:

    OMG… i want a maltese too 🙁 she is so beautiful.. my heart really melts when i see it.. by the way, have u decided to be a doggie mama? 🙂

  17. sheon says:

    CuriousAmerikaner: Hey c’mon….some like cute dogs…some like ’em big and nasty. Obviously you like them big. But there’s no reason for you to discriminate against toy dogs rite? So….cool it, k?

    Cheesie: Extensions is a great idea! But do they have it for fur?

  18. amber says:

    that dog is soooooo adorable!!!!

    me wan too >.

  19. imolog says:

    May i know what type of species is jojo?

    Jojo so cute until can die.

    like bear-bear

    but it is real.

    So real and so cute.

    I also want to have one.

  20. Lennie says:


    Jojo is a maltese.

    I went to Pets Wonderland in one utama yesterday. No sign of maltese… i want to have one too but i cant 🙁

  21. Bluey says:


    Hope you get your furry footed friend !

    I’ve already found mine – my trusty/naught golden retriever 🙂

  22. vonblue says:

    er…is d dye used actually meant for human hair?permanent ah?haha..

  23. cheesie says:

    CuriousAmerikaner: Ya man, why don’t you guys stop dreaming about your skylines and some useless two-doored rubbish that has absolutely no use on the road and get a REAL VEHICLE. Dong.

    Lennie: Ya man. Can’t be a single mom. Looking for doggie daddy 😀 I went to Pets Wonderland too. They have a damn cute Papillon and a terrier. 😀

    Bluey: Good for you! How old? 😀

    vonblue: No idea. Is there such thing as pet’s dye?

  24. @lViN says:

    U know what cheesie, everything is so cute in this post. The humans and the dog as well. Muahahaha…. I can understand why you can die a thousand times cuz I died 2 times looking at the dog as well. There you go, a comment by me. 😀

  25. dan says:

    once i took care of my friends dog – a miniature pomeranian – and it kept having diarrhoea on our carpet. it wasn’t much fun cleaning it up hahah

  26. CuriousAmerikaner says:

    Cheesie.. I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about with the skylines & two door rubbish comment. I don’t really think about skylines and my car has four doors. I’m sure there are some Malaysians that don’t like “toy” dogs either, so it’s kind of silly to attack Americans in general over it. Have fun though, baseless accusations against Americans are all the rage!

    ps. toy dogs are an abomination

  27. CuriousAmerikaner says:

    Please disregard my posts, it was wrong of me to come on your blog and bash toy dogs. I’m just not very tolerant of them, for various reasons I won’t go into. My apologies, Cheesie. I’ll stick to reading next time.

  28. Aman says:

    aaaaaaaaaaah thats so cute!
    she/he looks like a cartoon-dog with super powers 😉

  29. Penny says:

    What is wrong huh? Toy dog or large breed dog are still dogs. Liddat also want to argue? Was it a joke or what? I hope it is…

    Btw, Jojo is so cute… So feminine~ :p

    I have a Pug and I can’t dye her fur liddat if not she’ll look very very silly + ugly

  30. zOee says:

    soooooooo cute! i just love pink! Jojo looks so manja with her tongue out .. feel like kissing her… *muah* *sniff sniff*

  31. pUP says:

    haha..CUTE! but cant dye it on my shih tzu as he has many colors and black tips on his brown hair unlike a maltese which is all white… =(
    maltese puppies are cute…but i dnt really fancy the bigger think u can try to search for those miniature ones..taiwanese breed i think..not too sure bout tht..
    btw.what’s with all the fuss on toy dogs or large dogs????arent they all dogs??? we have our rights to choose whichever we prefer right??!! i love toy dogs,working dogs,small dogs,etc!! but i prefer smaller dogs as they suit my lifestyle more.don’t we all agree??
    btw i also think tht horses and all mammals and large dogs are all elegant in their own ways!
    anywayz,cheesie…erm..i think tht papillon and silky terrier you saw the other day at pets wonderland were the same ones i saw licking their poo right aftr they did their business.except the yorkshire who just sat and stared.
    Everyone went “eeeewwwww…”
    Thank God my dog never licked his poo ever.he wont even go near it or let his hair near the arse touch it while poo-ing.
    sorry,if this comment disgusts u a lil’. =) just wanna help you find a good pooch.

  32. pUP says:

    btw.jojo’s hair looks dry for a maltese…if it is,april should try applying leave-in or rinse-out conditioner for her coat..and blow-dry with COOL air aftr every bath. 😉

  33. aureliaa says:

    hey cheesie ;D i saw a dog with pink highlights too at PJ, My pet house. It’s so freakking cuteeeeee. Coincidentally, it’s a maltese too! I wonder if it might be Jojo. May i know where April bought Jojo? Thanks!

  34. Christine says:

    OMG! Jojo is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I thought that TT guy brought it to a salon to dye it’s fur… It’s so cute!

    Btw, u should tell your friend(April) not to put Jojo in a cage… If she wants it not to run around, she could buy pen fences and fence some space for Jojo. At least Jojo can still run about mah. She should add in some chew toys, newspapers and a wet towel(some dogs like to gnaw on wet towels) too! =)

  35. cheddar babe says:


  36. cheesie says:

    aureliaa: She bought it in SS14. There were 4 pink doggies all together. There’s a high chance they your friend’s maltese and Jojo are siblings. 🙂

    Christine: Good idea. Jojo has some cool toys! 😀

  37. Caren says:

    oh gosh its so cute…. and its PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheesie, may i ask how much does the dog cost?? and can u giv me the name of the pet shop?

  38. kak says:

    adek,comel comel sampai pun hilang,mananya pun itu,rindulah sangat!

  39. cheesie says:

    Caren: It’s around Rm1100. I forgot the pet shop’s name but it’s in SS14.
    jand: Thank you! 🙂

  40. White Palace says:


    I’m the maltese breeder of the link provided by jand.

    We are maltese lovers who treat our maltese like our own sons & daughters, we do bring our maltese for show & recently our maltese had won “Best Malaysian Bred In Show & Reserve Puppy In Show”

    If you are keen to look for a maltese which is well taken care of with lots of love and it is excellent quality, do look for us. 017-6288420

    You can also discuss anything regarding maltese at my thread:

  41. chez says:

    it’s unnatural. even if she didnt dye it herself, buying from a breeder means she’s condoning dying dog’s fur

  42. Tintin says:

    … i hate u.. why?? why??? so cute!!!! now i want one =P yeee pink is like.. cute + cuteness to the maxx

  43. WP says:

    The dog is sooo cute! I don’t care about the dye as long as it doesn’t hurt the dog (like make it itch or something…)

  44. zen says:

    hey, i have 1 of those, the cage only i mean.

  45. illusion says:

    sia lah.. so cute! the pinkish ears and tail are not natural right? don’t scare me… -.-”

    but i have a cuter mini maltese.. LOL.. i think all maltese are adorable and cute. ^_^

  46. jo jo says:

    hey the dog i dont like but the girl i would like to meet her call me on 044837654

  47. jo jo says:

    all that dog would be saying is get me out of this stupied cage or wen i do ill kill u

  48. wowow says:

    walao…damn cute

  49. serena schnauzer says:

    hey cheesie, hows your decision on becoming a mama? Myself a hip mama to a 2years plus miniature schnauzer. She (Deuwii) was only 6weeks old when i bought her from the petshop at section 14… It was lotsa up and down bringing her up during first year – i almost gave her up !! she would annoy the crap outta me by destroying things around the house and her own fur! later i figured out it was because she was bored and experimenting! As time passed, through tips from frens, internet, trial & error.. i’ve learned how to deal with a dog & thank god Deuwii has outgrown alot of her destructive habits – And now…. i cant live without Deuwii, she’s wonderful company, fun-loving & an excellent guard dog.. will event bark up a fuss went an ant crosses her path! She’s the LOVE of my live. Doggies need attention & loving to be a happy & healthy. Cheesie, 4 words sums it up if u want to be a mama to doggie : PATIENCE, EDUCATION & LOTSA LOVE and TIME.

  50. cheesie says:

    serena: Good luck to yo with Deuwii~ 🙂 Thanx for advice too.

  51. jojo says:

    aaawwww……itz soooooooooo qt……it looks lyk my dog only with pink ears awwwwww…i died……….its gorjez……..

  52. brittany says:

    where did you get your puppy

  53. brittany says:

    you have the best dog ever! say hi to her for me

  54. kelly says:

    You are a superficial bitch. Who can say a dog is ugly! hahahaha. They are all cute!

  55. kelly says:

    You’re like an Asian Paris Hilton wannabe, and who wants to be paris hilton?

  56. V says:

    OMG i wan jojo TT_TT

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