The Cheesling
Thank you guys for the support! Feels great that I’m not the only one in this…
*sings We’re All In This Together*

Ok, that’s waaaaay to cheesy. lol.

ANYHOW, we have yet another banner done this time thanks to Michelle from that you see above. THANKS MICHELLE!!

By the way, our dear friend Oli started a Facebook group to vote for Ringo, so if you have Facebook then do join in and invite your friends too!

Let’s take things to a different level shall we? After all, after watching episode 3 of the Malaysian Dreamgirl, I think it’ll be best to show that she’s not normally that kind of person as portrayed by the crew at MDG, I mean, she wrote what she wrote, and that just shows she’s being completey honest about it… how was anyone supposed to know that she’d be called back right in, right?

Anycheese, I’m sure most of you readers out there know how she is, her kind of attitude and her ever-pleasant presence πŸ™‚

Vote for Ringo, vote for a change. lol good one Cheesie.


*Incidently this is the 666th post OMGWTFBBQDVD!!!666 wish Cheesie was here to witness this! false alarm sorry :/
It IS the 666th post!!! The devil spawns >)