Except, it’s going to be right here in cheeserland.com!

One FINE and SIMPLE example without requiring ANY sort of photoshop would be:
KY Rocks!
That’s why I love KY, so simple, so BEST! (lololol)
Send YOURS to happybirthdaycheesie@gmail.com now 😀


Happi barfday mommi - from cheddie
Okay i’m kidding about the 24… only cheddie is allowed to do that, unless you don’t mind facing a cheesy death!

Okay I’m sure some of you who’re in Oli’s facebook group would know what this is all about… But put simply, we’re planning a surprise birthday post for Cheesie, consisting of photos (or videos) of all of YOU carrying a banner of some kind with the text “Happy Birthday Cheesie!” or “Happy Birthday Ringo!”. You are free to be creative, have more people inside the photo, or using different materials, texts or ideas, as long as it’s in a format where we can compile into something interesting which will be posted here on the day itself!

This means you have to submit them to happybirthdaycheesie@gmail.com by Monday night. Or fine, latest by Tuesday evening! If you really can’t find the time, then a photoshopped webcam shot will do! As long as we get a decent number (Oli says 10+) it would be great already… The least we can do to bring birthday to her since she’s still going to be in the Dreamhouse, right guys?

The above picture is an example of how it should be, for landscape photos. Otherwise, just follow the example below!

Happi barfday mummi

And don’t forget to vote vote vote for this new week, even if it’s just one vote! (more better la :D)

For Malaysians living away from Malaysia, we have a way for you to cast your SMS votes! Just contact our campaign manager, Oliver Denton at dentons @ gmail.com and he’ll provide you with further instructions. GUARANTEED! Come on guys, you know your money’s worth more in Malaysia lol!

Btw, this post will self-destruct on the 30th of March, 9.00pm and will reappear again on Monday morning until 9.00pm again.

What’s the reason? According to my calculation her only chances to get online occur between 10pm to 12pm, usually on Sundays!


Update!! I was right!! She DID get online around 9pm-ish 😀 okay la, 1 hour before my estimate time lol. So now I don’t have to worry about destroying this post again 😉 Check out her update below!