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Happy birthday to our dearest Ringo! We hope this comes as a surprise to you, as you can see we’ve pretty much planned it all out together with your readers… Quite cunning really ๐Ÿ˜› (btw, we have 55 and more now inside our collection above, do check it out!)


I was thinking on how to bring the party over to you, for your friends, fans and readers. Seriously, this has nothing to do with MDG, but has everything to do with the roles you have played in all our lives, however big or small. I’m sure every one of them have something to say to you, and with that Oli and I started the above. Enjoy it, it’s our whole dedication to your birthright, the creation of the gorgeous Cheesie that we know of today ๐Ÿ˜€


Though there’s been lots of ups and downs throughout your blogging life, but frankly, what’s important is that you are who you are throughout the years; the ever quirky lady who’s cheeses just about everything, loves travelling to the core, enjoy eating your heart out, blogging on just about everything- some so very funny, some awesomely punny, and even some which are downright touching… There’s just something special about it all, I think la. hehe. Don’tcha fink, guys?


It’s safe to assume that you’ve placed yourself in our hearts one way or the other, both those who you know personally and those who follow your blog. The personal bond which you’ve established to your readers clearly shows as they give their support time and again, which is fair enough since you DO place them in such high regards. (clearly shown in all your posts since being confined in the Dreamhouse)


So with unwavering voice we unanimously would like to wish you a very….




We love you Cheesie!