This is my 28th day in MDG

March 30, 2008 in MDG Drama

Not everyday comes and goes easy cheesy for me. Sometimes i miss home so much i’ve thought about asking everyone to stop voting for me (looks like that’s the only way go go home). Sometimes i wonder what’s more painful: having sex with a porcupinestabbing yourself with a knife or missing things you love so passionately–my loved ones, my dream holidays, blogging and replying your comments.


Thank you, again, for your sms votes (cheez i just love saying this hopefully i can repeat this for a few more weeks). I choose to go online every week with my precious 15 minutes of humane connection with the world instead of making phone calls because 1) Cheddie doesn’t speak human laguange and the producers will have a hard time finding a translator and 2) i express myself way better in words. Not everyone likes what they see on the show and more often than not people expect so much more from you. It’s okay if i’m not your favorite girl but when i finally come home, i’ll cheesing make sure that Cheeserland is still one of your favorite blogs with endless cheesy puns.

Yours forever cheesily,



P/S: I’m completely joking about the stop voting part. I want to win the damn car, thank you very much.

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24 responses to “This is my 28th day in MDG”

  1. Ron says:

    First, yay!!!

  2. sheryl says:

    hi cheesiiee! 😀

  3. mich says:

    Aiyo..felt proud being the 1st one to leave a comment here…
    Its not the time for you to looking forward back to home.. cheesie mama and the others surely wanna u go as far as possible in MDG.. me too me too…

    DOnt worry, i will still very loyal to……

    Ganbateh neeeeh

  4. blu says:

    dont worry cheesie!!! im behind you all the way!
    asked my cousins in malaysia to vote for you but im not sure if they did =/

  5. blu says:

    omg i am so surprised get THIS !!! :
    thats cindy’s blog !!!! ok no not gossiping k but interesting read i think this’ll help me understand her more

  6. Porkie says:

    There isn’t much for me to say as you know what I think 🙂
    Just promise me you’ll stay well because at times you have looked worse for wear.

    Take care k *hug*

  7. starm|st says:

    take careeee babeee!!

  8. pmc524 says:

    lol@cheeise she just wants the car.

  9. Cheryl C says:

    Hi Cindy 😛

    We all miss you dearly Ringo. I know how it feels like missing your loved ones but just tahan for awhile more k.

  10. Oli says:

    Woah it doesn’t seem like 28 days! 28 DAYS LATER…zombie house….

    Keep your head in the game!

  11. elm says:

    man you really do deserve to win this! take good care of yourself! we’re all rooting for you here (:

  12. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Hey dear,if u r reading tis,I hope u eat more,u r losing too much weights lately. 🙁

  13. Simon Seow says:

    Oh, maybe we should stop voting for you. It’s your birthday next week. So, can release early and celebrate. Hehehe, just kidding. I’ll double my vote as birthday present.

    I’ve posted the short encounter we have when you’re updating your blog in this 15 minutes. Now we know how precious time is.

  14. Jasmine says:

    Ganbatte Cheesie… Wuffffff !! Cheddie backing u up …

  15. Cherry says:

    Wow!!! 28 days liao!!! hang on there, Ringo…

  16. miracleangel says:

    It’s been 28 days already? Wow…time sure flies! We miss you over here but there’s no way we’re letting you come home early haha Rooting for you all the way girl! All the best!

  17. blah says:

    all the way for cheesie!!!

    now we know how much blogging means to you… keep it up and we are all waiting for your cheeeeesy posts when u return!!!

    keep up the wonderful work!! 🙂

  18. mr.bbq says:

    cheesie, you’re gonna stay in MDG whether you like it or not and then Oli and I are gonna hijack that damn car off you to compensate for everything!!!!666

  19. annant says:

    cheesie…nice to hear from u again…betta take gd care of yourself ya…u have our full, fuller, fullest supports…

  20. panda says:


    no no no….you must must must stay in MDG!!

    Cheesie all the way!! *woots*

  21. ShaolinTiger says:

    New pic of cheesie from the Dreamhouse last Saturday afternoon.

    Full size pic is here.

    Credit to if you use it – thanks!

  22. mr.bbq says:

    Thanks ShaolinTiger! Appreciated 😉

  23. me says:

    cheesie… u have to be more outspoken k.. dun just diam diam stand behind of those girls. must remember that u are in a competitions.. people wanna see ur face in TV/internet..noy ha;f ur face or ur back. but ur cheesily face.. 🙂 u smiling infront of the camera k.

  24. nadnut says:

    i hope cheesie wins!!!! been watching every thurs and sat! can’t wait for the next episode!

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