I moved in to my new house. Everything is wonderful except that my curtains are made of manila cards. Three Roman blinds are going to cost me RM1122. Can you believe it?

Apart from that 38 items I needed (you to buy for me), there’s something very very lacking in my home cheese home.




God I have such a hard time when it comes to choosing broadband service. I can’t even remember the number of times I blogged about my internet connection without sounding like an erupting volcano.

Started subscribing to broadband since year 2003 and I cannot begin to imagine how many of my brain cells got killed because of stupid internet connections that pissed me off.

There were the Wacky Webbit incident, Potong Steamyx case and
Some shitty new broadband episodes.


Ever since I moved away from my ex ex house my online life has been a total tragedy. I’ve tried every single wireless broadband service (because I can’t be bothered to apply for a landline since I was gonna move in a few months time anyway) and every single adventure drove me chee-seen (my cursed house in BU was partly to blame).

My comment “I decided to call my future company Decent Broadband, so at least Malaysia then has one” still stands, and I still think that Malaysian broadband is shitty. But I think that throughout my many years’ experience with internet connection, dare I say that in the end, now that I have my very own home (which I can do anything to it), I’m gonna stick to the ever popular mainstreamyx broadband. Ok. Bad pun.

Yes it suffers from PMS once in a cheesy moon and it makes my PMS worse but so far it is still the most stable connection available.

So happened Streamyx is having a Streamxy Combo promotion at the moment. It is priced at RM60 get for 384kbps with a modem, including fixed line rental.


Just top up from RM30 to RM100 to add broadband speed up to 4Mbps!

Go to Streamyx @ www.streamyx.com.my for more info.


Please let this be the wisest decision I’ve ever made in the history of internet.