Abominable connection

November 23, 2007 in Cheese-offs

Either the new broadband is super lousy or MSN has decided to have PMS and take it out on me.


I had to keep CRTL+V so many times to send the message across! Gossip also become cold liao!

Annoying like hell. Want to send several killims to bomb them.

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15 responses to “Abominable connection”

  1. aaron tan says:

    lol… i get that quite often. think it’s the msn connection problem.

    sometimes, i’ve type so long message and sent…then i see the taskbar there blinking…thought got reply dy… mana tau…is the msg undelivered msg..

  2. ahlost says:

    I’ve encountered that too.. That’s why my friends and I are switching to Skype.. hehehe..

  3. rambochai says:

    i also met the same problem… “PEKCHEK” sometime also …

  4. Karyn says:

    Only happens when my Bit Comet is running. Lol.

  5. joe17301 says:

    The worst time is after typing long message or many message then… 5min later…
    “Your ten thousand message could not sent. We didn’t tell you before now because we want you to think your friend hates you. Pretty funny huh?”

    I… hate!

  6. Chris says:

    as far as my technical skills take me, it’s most probably msn’s fault. their server has been acting up a bit lately, even I suffered a bit!

    to death with MSN grrr.

  7. sharon (^.^) says:

    sometime it happens to me too..

    according to my friend, it might be the line prob or just the msn.. cause these days msn offer lots of viruses.. even when i wanted to chat, my whole pc hang.. and when i mean everytime means EVERYTIME..

  8. x says:

    i know what you mean ….i sometimes get that too…:S

  9. kcin says:


  10. Kay says:

    Happens all the time, and I thought msn allow offline message.

  11. Albert Ng says:

    Sometimes, it goes through if the message is slightly different, e.g. “hahaha” instead of “haha”.

  12. dan says:

    it’s msn. i’m in cambridge, which means my network is part of the internet backbone, and it’s definitely not the connection. msn’s updating its program, and as with any new program, there’ll be a few bugs. wait a while and it’ll sort itself out.

  13. Cheesie says:

    Dan: But when i switched to another connection it was smoother. 🙁

  14. cs says:

    Erm, try disable the hand-writing part, it works on mine.

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