“If you’re awarded with RM15,000 CASH, how would you use it to fulfill your dream?”


My dream! Okay this is easy. I was just talking about it to a friend of mine. I love to talk about my dreams. I can go on and on and on.


First of all, i’m gonna book air tickets to Osaka (!), then Hokkaido, London (again), then London to Amsterdam, Mauritius, Sydney then Sydney to Brisbane, Seoul (again), Taipei (again and again and again and again)… then travel to all these places before i go back home and get my apartment done up really swell, and maybe look for a landed property that has a fountain and a garden the size of a zoo, because i am gonna keep 10 dogs. I want 2 Golden Retrievers, 3 Maltese (2f 1m) to play with Cheddie (and the male one can mate with her), 1 milo color Poodle, 1 Papillon, 1 Pommie (white fur, very rare!), 2 Huskies with eyes the color of a clear blue sky, and an Afghan Hound if i manage to get one. When my mansion (God i’m loving the sound of it) is done, i’m gonna move in with my 10 12 dogs, and rent my apartment out and start looking for a cottage house in some countries far away so i that can run away anytime i want.

It will look something like this:


With a few ponies around one. 🙂

And then i will probably take the up violin again. Or maybe learn piano. Since i am so rich, i might as well just hire a full time pianist to play songs for me everyday. Who knows i might be able to afford an entire orchestra. Or Jim Brickman. Anyway, when i return to Malaysia, i will donate a total of—

wait, how much money do i have again?


Oh. Fifteen thousand ka.


Well i think i will skip the donation. And the mansion… and… the 12 dogs and… and…. Oh forget it. I will just use the fifteen thousand to, erm, hire a finance specialist and let him/her manage the money for me so it can snowball to an amount that will get me those air tickets, mansion, cottage, ponies, 12 dogs and a donation of 15k.


Sounds good doesn’t it! See how much 15k can do for you!!!!

Except that i haven’t gotten it yet.


But i just need to join “Project It Starts In Me” by Shine. I will register as a member and submit my dreams (i can submit as many as i want to!!!). You can design a hot air balloon and tell the world about your dream in less than 800 words.

In fact, i have already submitted!

My balloon cute anot? 🙂

Then i will wait for the three Shine personalities, Moana Ishak, Salfarina & Lee Hui Ling to judge the entries based on its originality, uniqueness and inspirational value.

Then of course i will be selected (duh) as the top 10 shortlisted finalists, who must be prepared to video their words, i.e. “How would you utilize the RM15, 000 cash given to you as a stepping-stone towards fulfilling your dream/aspiration” via a 2-minute capsule. (And they will, i mean, i will also receive RM1000 as the prize for the first stage!) All 10 video capsules will be uploaded to www.itstartsinme.com for the public to vote. Then i will bribe encourage all my friends to vote for me.

And of course all my friends will vote for me!!! Because one lucky voter gets to win RM1,000 worth of shopping vouchers every week. On top of that, the person who sent in the most votes at the end of the contest win RM5,000 worth of shopping vouchers!!! (Now my eyes are all SHINING with $$$).

So, naturally, i will become one of the 3 Project winners who will get RM15,000 each. EACH!!! Wow. Now that is a dream.

Entry submission has already started, and it is going to end 9 November 2008 (Sunday) at 11.59pm. I’m now all dreamy-eyed and excited. I’m gonna compile my dreams tonight.

Just collected all five flavs! So damn cute.

Let Shine be my inspiration.

Ok la since they are selecting 3 winners, i don’t mind sharing it with you. Nah. Now go to Project It Starts In Me and find out how you can win RM15,000 with just penning down one dream. 🙂


Shine, baby, shine. 🙂

PS: Oh yea. Search for “Cheesie”, if you wanna vote for me.