Ok that was our  task of the day:

“Bloggers given 15mins to roam around TANGS to capture photo/video of shoppers at TANGS and blog creatively based on the theme “Fashion & Technology Entwined”

Wa. Tough.

So i thought of getting people to draw a picture for me about their version of “fashion and technology combined”.

The first caucasian lady i approached said, “you gotta be kidding me”. And ran away.


But luckily i got two decently dressed (who just finished shopping from TANGS) to layan me. (See all the painstaking hair curling works!)

I think their names are Neo and Brandon. I think la.

So i asked them the big question and got them to draw for me.


And i guess they are really very literal people. They got me a nice men suit, and a canggih laptop. ^^





So just to challenge myself, i decided to look for a second drawing.


So i found Misao. (Obviously he isn’t Japanese but more obviously he learned Japanese hence the name, so we talked in Japanese.) Who is wearing a T-shirt in Japanese kanji and carrying a netbook.

I think i found my fashion+technology guy.

So he drew for me.

HAHA he does the kawaii pose.

This dude has a better imagination!

The man in the picture is wearing a T-shirt that has a built-in laptop wtf i dunno how that’s gonna happen but i guess the designer will have to figure it out la. Anyway, he’s wearing a MOUSE as a necklace.

So yea, fashion and technology entwined for you. ^^


Now need to blog bout my last post which is a hair tutorial!!! Best for last!!!!