Stayed over at Cindy’s the other day and i was like

“Omg did you do all these yourself?! Omg i osowan this! Omg please be my interior designer…”

Her place is pretty swell! So when she came over to my place instead she went like

“Omg this is sooooo nice i osowan your wallpaper Ringooooo omg this is so cute…”

dreamhome4 by you.


Let’s exchange house lo.

ikea2 by you.

ikea1 by you.

We we spent one whole day shopping in Ikea and bought sooooo many things.

ikea3 by you.

ikea4 by you.

Then she came by to help me with some interior thing! 😀

dreamhome3 by you.

dreamhome2 by you.

Been spending quite sometime making my humble little crib a dream home. Somewhere i feel really comfortable in and truly belong to. I think it’s good fengshui, ever since i moved in here i have been feeling rather at peace. And recently i kinda started to like blue tones because it makes me feel calm and tranquil. 🙂

And fiiiiiiiiiiiinally got my perfect shoerack. It was supposed to be a book shelf.

dreamhome5 by you.

And it’s coming closer to becoming my dream home everyday.

Speaking of dream, Cindy and I both participated in Shine Project It Starts In Me contest, where we had to fill up our hot air balloon with our aspiration.

I blogged about it here.

And Cindy was selected as one of the 10 finalists!!! Out of more than 1000 people who participated okay!!!!




I also need 15k ok.

Wa this girl, I think she is a habitual winner so damn lucky! Cindy can you pass some luck to me!!!

The balloons are still on Shine’sWebsite! ^^

shineballoon1 by you.

This is mine.

shineballoon2 by you.

This is Cin’s.

See mine so long also never got selected! See, never listen to English essay teacher in primary school!!

This is her aspiration:

I might be the Malaysian Dreamgirl but my true, intrinsic dream is to be a singer. With 15K, i will record an EP & distribute 1000 copies to the market. The money earned will then be donated to charity. This way, i can realize MY dream, and ALSO help the needy! :DDD

OOOooomg she’s so gonna win that 15k. And as one of the top 10 Project Finalists, she was already rewarded with RM1, 000 cash

So the next thing she had to do was to put her dream to video, i.e. “How would you utilize the RM15, 000 cash given to you as a stepping-stone towards fulfilling your dream/aspiration” via a 2-minute online video capsule.

So she had to produce her own script

And then record a video. Omg totally no problem ok she is so pro at it we had two video cam around us all the time for 52 days and she works in a radio station!

cindyshine1 by you.
And she got her recorded CD!

I have watched all the 10 videos on Shine i i think Cindy’s is the most interesting one!

ScreenShot006 by you.

What to do people graduated from performing arts can. She even made an MDG parody damn funny la you Cindy Tey i heart you!

Voting starts December 01, 2008 and ends December 28, 2008.

Please together gether support Cindy ok? Go vote for her now. I wanna hear you sing!

She promise will belanja us if she wins. 🙂

Not only that. If you vote for your favorite finalist with entering unique code numbers via you also stand a chance to win prizes.!

You can buy any of the Shine products and get the code from it. The unique code is on the cap of every Shine bottle. Then you can use it to vote for your favorite contestant! Also, Shine is giving out RM1,000 worth of shopping voucher every week for the voters. On top of that, the person who sent in the most votes at the end of the contest win RM5,000 worth of shopping voucher.

Faster go buy your Shine yoghurt now!



PS: She said belanja yogurt drink wor.

PS2: I really really hope you will win! I WILL buy your albums (and send them to people i hate!)


HAHA no la. <3