Mom would probably have an averse reaction towards this piece of information but.

I bought a lot of bunnies to keep me company.

From Zara. No you cannot buy. I hate zhong sam one.


But that’s not all the bunnies i bought. I bought like. Bunnies. For. Real.

bunny2 by you.

From Ginny.

Got them last night and because i didn’t have a cage then, so i put them in a cardboard box. I swear to cheese they were eating their house off.

And they don’t sleep. They were noisy last night because the kept moving about in the box and the shit pellets brushed against the box and was very noisy. Like shaking red beans in a jar.

And they eat their crap newspapers.


Me: my bunnies cant stop eating newspapers
Keju: news these days are so hard to swallow
Keju: HAHAHAHAHAA i am so punny


And then they shit like, 24/7. Now i have got little pebbles all over my floor. New house deco. Just perfect.


Oli: Congratulations. You just bought two crap and f**k machines.
Oli: Haha.
Me: It is the tragic aftermath of an unbought bunny in Shanghai. Now i have TWO turfing bunnies.



Abruptly digress.

Was competing in Nokia N96 race last weekend! VERY. TIRING.

Nokia1 by you.


Wa i tell you it was so untimely. My race partner KY got a sprained ankle. JUST A DAY before the race.

KY who had to limp all the way to help me with the race because i was hopeless with N96. Too compricated and canggih liao beh tahan. Mwah <3.

nokia5 by you.

Getting ready with N96.

We had to complete certain tasks! Like, play street fighter in Sungei Wang arcade, locate the Nokia flag store in Lowyat and take pictures of certain things, then take pictures of random people who are using Nokia devices on the street (we cheated, btw) and buy a CD with the band/singer that starts with N etc what turf.

 nokia6 by you.

But we had a comprication.


So we had to do some other tasks first before we returned to buy the CD. It was No Doubt that we bought in Speedy. 

(Ok lame pun).

(But then so was KY that day. So it’s ok. He was so lame he had to use handicapped parking.)


Very tiring la. KY complained that i walked slower than a limping person what turf. But in the end we still completed the race!

nokia7 by you.

We didn’t win la but…

nokia4 by you.

nokia2 by you.



I mean *i* get to keep the N96 and IT IS AN AWESOME PHONE! (Ky you oredi got N82 and 5800 so shut turf.)



Okay abrupt commercial break phewww things i do for my friends.


1. The Best Rave Party 2008

massive-front by you.

massiveback by you.

Go la if you got nothing to do. I will be in Tokyo so i can’t join!

(Tokyo is better. Sorry Aidan.)

For FREE Tickets visit 


2. The Best Sixthseal Party 2008

free party

Help him win the party la! He very nice one! Visit his blog to support!


Ok enough of my lousy friends. Let’s end this post with me and my bunnies and me and my bunnies.
And now one of the Bunnies is sitting INSIDE the food bowl so the other cannot eat the food.
bunny5 by you.
So now i am thinking of names for the bunnies. I was gonna name them Tanaka San and Yamamoto San. Then thought it was too long. Ok la i will wait for Oli’s brilliant suggestion. Since we had such a reputable history of christening the entire population in the menagerie of Zuzumbu Village.
But if you have any nice names to suggest for my bunnies, pls do comment here!!
bunny6 by you.