Got me an LG Secret Black Label.

chiccode2 by you.

Everyone wore very glam + super A.Hepburn i never even think about dressing to win the phone it was so last minute what turf but i think my ella ella e from BBTSSB Paris brought me much luck.

chiccode16 by you.

Chic Code LBD inspired by Audrey Hepburn@C Club, Pavilion.


I know it’s bad la but i already have so many phones! (Nokia N96 woot) And i really need some cash before i fly off to Tokyo this 16th (exchage rate 3.91 what turf i want to die) so…


(I’m sorry LG. By the way they still owe my LG Hi Fi set i won during the LG Scarlet contest i’m quite tulan with them actually, because i have sent this girl  Lu Li Chin 3 (three, tiga, san, san, sam) emails to ask her about prize redemption before my Shanghai trip and no freaking reply from her until now!!! 3 months already! A bit the irresponsible right? Any LG people read this i hope you do something about it la, srsly. Gimme my Hi Fi set already!)


Anyway pictures.

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chiccode12 by you.

chiccode13 by you.

Lovin the glowing edges effect!

I think i really should cut down time i spend on Photoshop. -_-

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Vene was super gorg that day! Aiya i still think black gloves nicer.

chiccode4 by you.

Free flow champagne! Wa so generous. But then towards the end i think they mixed the champagne with water (Alice saw them doing it!) and it tasted horrible. Absolutely atrocious. Why don’t just say finish la instead of providing some crap drinks what turf.

(Sorry, bitchy mode on today) 

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But then hor, this thing is so bloody good. Some salmon oyako tapa thingie. And it ran out so fast cuz it was so damn yummy i had an urge to sapu them all into my parasol and tapao home.

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Jennifer omg she was wearing the dress i wanteeeeeed! Jeles

chiccode18 by you.

Joyce looked more like a greek goddess damn cute.

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chiccode9 by you.

Haha my ella ella e very popular. Calvin and Alvin liked it.

chiccode14 by you.

Wa i love this pic. 


Ok back to the main topic hor.

IMG_2443_preview by you.

Thank you Evevonnnnnn!

But srsly. Who wants my LG Secret? brand new, Zitron phone, never charged/switched on before, still in box. Market Price RM1999. Interested pleasecheeseme at Wanna sell it off soon so i can buy some ¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥¥!!!

Email me the best price you can offer k. Highest gets the phone.