I was so amazed by her post on photoshop and wonder how turf did she do that. Seriously. She’s a freak 😛

When i showed Oli Xiaxue’s post he said all the end products end up looking like herself! Then i think, it is quite true lo! If she keeps on photoshopping all the girls they will all become a variant of Xiaxues. HAHA!

I asked her why she never photoshop me (Traffic hike, What turf) and she said i don’t need it!  And she too busy to talk to me anyway so i did my own research and practiced for one whole day and these are what i came up with. And guess what? It is soooooooo easy i’m sure anyone of you can do as good. And it’s hopelessly addictive.

They are all overly photoshopped beyond recognition. Yup. That’s the whole point.

Also i promised on the Nuffnang featured blogger post that when they hop over to my blog they will see my real face. So the before photos below are all original and completely unphotoshopped.

Extreme Makeover 1

This one is done by Haze from Blush Berry. For my header. Super nice la i liked it so much! Quite amazing cuz it’s just a random photo i took outside Pavilion after a make-over. It’s also my inspiration to improve my PS skill! Now i think i can do quite well.


extremephotoshop6 by you.

This “before” pic is the only edited one because i accidentally saved over the ori file so yea.

Extreme Makeover 2

This is from the same day. I think it is not very good yet.


extremephotoshop1 by you.

This is 100% original.

Extreme Makeover 3


extremephotoshop3 by you.

This one played with hair color a bit but not much difference la.

Extreme Makeover 4

Wanted a bit more challenge so i PSed Vene also. But then i think she looks kinda weird here. I’m only good at PSing myself.


extremephotoshop7 by you.

Extreme Makeover 5

I think by now i have achieved a skill where i think i am unconsciously PSing myself into other people/characters. Role play. Remember.

I think this looks rather anime-character-ish.


extremephotoshop2 by you.

Extreme Makeover 6

Ohhh. I kinda like this. It is a pic i would want to show my plastic surgeon. I think it looks like some Korean super star. And the perfect nose i want.


extremephotoshop5 by you.

Job done: Face botox, Korean nose, fuller lips, fuller chest (i remember someone saying mine was fake cuz ishe thinks it’s Photoshopped,back in the MDG days. Nah give you. Faker boobs), hair hightlight etc.

Extreme Makeover 7

This pic has the ugliest original pic ever. The make up was 3kg heavy and cakey i looked like some zombie with infectious skin disease.


extremephotoshop8a by you.


Extreme Makeover 8

Ok this is my fav. Not because it’s super pretty or what but when i finally finished it i kinda shocked myself because the first thing i thought was “OMG that’s so Jolin!”


extremephotoshop08 by you.

extremephotoshop4 by you.

Job done: Sleepy eyes lift, grey-blue contact lens, Jolin’s nose, Shu Uemura’s falsies, Pink nail art, hair extension etc etc etc can’t remember.


Please try! It’s very very fun. but i must warn you that after you have successfully mastered the skill, you will never want to look into the mirror ever again.