I like Japan again.

But I don’t think anyone can recognize me when i go back to Malaysia.

Everything is so yummy here. Hmmm. Nom nom nom nom.

In fact i shall avoid posting any picture of myself of late. I really prefer winter, because once i put on that thick furry coat no one can see my bulging tummy anymore.

Shocking news.

I think i like pachinko.


This is what i blogged about 6 months ago.

I REALLY don’t understand why people play pachinko/slot. It’s like the stupidest games ever that require no skill whatsoever unlike Roulette omfg i miss Roulette in Shanghai but srsly, WHY?!?!

Can anyone tell me? I think we lost like a few thousand ¥just in a few minutes. Cheesus Crust that’s like a few pair of leopard print BabyPure shoes gone!!! Argh heartache like hell. You lose money like crazy. I did ask TK why he likes to play with the stupid machine. He said if you win it is very shiok.

But the point is, you never.

Ok that is NOT true.

Because i won. We won. And it IS very shiok. We won about 25,000 yen. Given that we spent about 5,000yen, we still won about RM700 plus. Over 30 minutes.

I know the trick liao. The trick is that it is very tricky because it tricks you into spending more so you can win. The previous times when i played, i just put in like 1000 yen and then lose everything in 2 minutes, and went all angry and grumpy yelling “WTF CHEAT ONE!” then stomped off.

But you kind of have to “invest” in the game. You just keep playing until you win something, then this hole thingie down there will open up and the metal balls can go in and you just keep winning. (When i told Keju this piece of information he went all WTF and said, “so that’s like dating a girl, when you invest 1,000 you get nothing, but when you put like 100,000, the hole down there will open and you can shoot something inside?”)

(Haha. It’s like only one in a million of those little metal balls will strike the lottery. Then again come to think of  it, getting knocked up seems way more likely than the other.)

Anyway. It was a happy day. Then we went to eat nice sushi. Everyone’s gonna hate me for this. And it is just cheap sushi. There are much better ones.

taisushi by you.

Tai sushi.

honmagurosushi by you.

Hon maguro otoro.

whitefishsushi by you.

Some white fish thing i have never seen before.

chutorosushi by you.

Chutoro OMG this was my favorite! Sooooooooo good. Nomnomnomnom….

kazunokosushi by you.


tarakosushi by you.

Tarako. Neh. The freaky babies with no hands and no legs that spin around.

I showed this to KY and he said they can make half a dozen in Sushi King using this amount of tarako. Here they make ONE.

unisushi by you.

Uni. The color looked a bit off but it tasted sooooo good. There’s like a foie-grasy (how do you pronounce that with silent S?) taste to it. Which is soooooooo good!

ebisushi by you.

Kuruma ebi.

I am seriously worried about the nobody can recognize me when i get back part.