My life in Japan

January 6, 2009 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan

After 11 years. The one place in the world i wanted to visit the most.

And i am here. (Check out my flag! Wahahha sorry i can’t get over that just yet.)

Proper blog post. Please gimme some motivation it’s so hard to blog on his 10 year old computer. Internet is fast but PC itself is lagging like constipation. But here you go, 40 over pictures of what happened since i arrived Nara.

Apart from the long Nenmatsu holiday, the rest of the days i live normally. Work (from home), go for lunch, rest a little, cuddle a little (very cold), go for dinner, shop in Combini (i love it. Japanese convinience store is freaking amazing. And i started this Ringo collection. Everything apple flavored its super good), go back cuddle summore (colder at night), sleep.

24.12.2008 Tenri/Umeda

I waited 1 hour at Disneyland bus station, out in the cold wind, with a luggage half my size it just looked totally silly.

Bus came 22:05 on the dot. And 6:05 i arrived Tenri, Nara.

tenri0 by you.

The mixed feeling was overwhelming. It felt like i have just completed the greatest journey ever.

TK picked me up from the station. We went back home and rested for a couple of hours till his work time.

Then he bought me breakfast. My first meal in Nara is Makudounarudo. But they have pork waaaaa!

tenri5 by you.

Lunch time we had Chinese.

tenri2 by you.

I think only like 380 Yen, very cheap!

tenri3 by you.


At night we drove to Osaka. About 45mins away from Tenri.


And had the best Takoyaki.

umeda4 by you.

There are a lot of little Takoyaki stalls

umeda3 by you.

But according to TK this is the best. It’s called Kougaryu 甲賀流.

umeda2 by you.

Tasted tooooooootally different from whatever Takoyaki i have tried, including ‘the best takoyaki in the world’ i had in Taipei. I’m gonna eat my own words (after eating another round of Takoyakis of course).

umeda1 by you.

ORIGINAL. Takoyaki. From Osaka. Thanks.

After Takoyaki we went up to Sky Building in Umeda.

Going up to Floating Garden Observatory.

umeda8 by you.

Shimmery floor.

umeda5 by you.

Amazing sky view.


umeda10 by you.

This is about the most Christmassy thing we saw in Osaka. Christmas in Japan is seriously sien.

25.12.2008 Merry Xmas, Nara

Omg most unhappening Christmas ever. Not even a single Christmas tree in sight.

nara1 by you.

The Boyfriend had to workand i woke up with the messiest hair ever. But it kinda looked cool, in a strange way.

Lunch break, Yuuri came over. And we played Mario Kart.

nara4 by you.

Argh so cute!

nara5 by you.

And taught him how to camwhore.

Dinner we went for Korean style Yakiniku with TK’s friend. Bestttttest.

yakiniku1 by you.

yakiniku2 by you.

Raw cow liver. TK’s favorite. I hated it. Tasted cowy.

yakiniku3 by you.

Arrrgh the pork ARGGH PORK!!! The fat!! Go away, this blog is super non halal.

yakiniku4 by you.

Korean style pizza wa it tasted totally different from the ones in Mont Kiara/Hartamas also i swear this is like 100000 times better.

And omg you know what’s my favorite? Yakiniku is really expensive, three of us ate about 10k Yen. But my favorite is this ¥380 Tamagotuke Gohan.

yakiniku5 by you.

It is just rice (vinegared, i think), nori (seaweed) and a raw egg. Then you pour soy sauce over it. But it tasted like heaven. TK teased me and said i have strange taste. He said whoever also can make that. It looks reeeeeeally simple but i doubt it is. Just like mom said when she went for art class in college their first assignment was to draw an egg. It is the easiest thing ever, but the hardest at the same time. Skill, people, skill.


Ok. Merry Christmas. Yawn.

26.12.2008 Game day!

nara3 by you.

God i had been wearing his jumper for days. Actually, weeks. But i just only washed it today (5th January 2009). Gross. I know.

Today he took half a day’s leave to help me settle my visa. It was also the day i saw snow for the first time. It was a happy day. Got my visa sorted out unbelievably fast, no question asked, just some documents and ¥4000. I love Japan.

nara6 by you.

Bought this for him from Matsumoto. It says Suki Suki Daisuki.


We finished everything early, so we went Pachinko!

nara8 by you.

Pachinko centers are everyfreakingwhere in Japan. In city got, in kampung also got. And i don’t understand why so many people played it. So i tried playing.


I REALLY don’t understand why people play pachinko/slot. It’s like the stupidest games every that requires no skill whatsoever unlike Roulette omfg i miss Roulette in Shanghai but srsly, WHY?!?!

Can anyone tell me? I think we lost like a few thousand ¥just in a few minutes. Cheesus Crust that’s like a few pair of leopard print BabyPure shoes gone!!! Argh heartache like hell. You lose money like crazy. I did ask TK why he likes to play with the stupid machine. He said if you win it is very shiok.

But the point is, you never.

I think Japanese people just like to play overly simply games because their life is so stressful. They have a card game called Dai Fu Oo, so the cousin asked if i know how to play, because it involves a lot of rules. Then i foud out that it is similar to Chinese’s Chor Dai Dee. except that it is10000 times simpler. I won like 10 times in a row.

nara11 by you.

We went Purikura (Print Club) next. This is so much better!

nara9 by you.

So much more fun.

At night went Izakaya with Yasuo and girlfriend Nami chan.

izakaya6 by you.

Omg must try their brown sugar Umeshu!!!

Ordered so many things which name i couldn’t remember.

izakaya5 by you.

This is like, called, Karupacho.

Ok wait a minute. This is like, i just smartly discovered like, 5 seconds after i typed the above sentence, translation for Carpaccio. God I’m so brilliant.

izakaya4 by you.

Raw reba (liver) again urgh.

izakaya2 by you.

Some Sazae no tuboyaki. Whatever. Nandeyanen.

izakaya3 by you.

Obscenely delicious. Literally.

izakaya1 by you.

Finally, expired Christmas cake.

Bonus: Nail Art

nail1 by you.

So expensive in Japan T_T. Color lens also cost like RM300 i want to die. Please forgive me if i feel compelled to PS my eye turqouise because i can’t afford the real deal. I miss Malaysia.

nail2 by you.

DIY nail art.

nail3 by you.

God i love this camera. It looks like the stupidest camera ever but it is good. It’s Canon G10. Stop asking already.

This is just like 1/15 of what i experienced in Japan. There is a total of 3,736 pictures in my laptop as of now. Be prepared to die of Japan overdose.

Thanks. Kyoto next.

70 responses to “My life in Japan”

  1. Calypso says:

    All the initial nightmare for a dream! Glad it turned out awesome for you!

  2. budleee says:

    wow i really want to go there some day.. maybe i should get a japanese girlfriend to meh :p

  3. liucas says:

    omg cheedie sure miss u

  4. michelle says:


  5. breadpitt says:

    aww , looks so fun… o ya, i may need your help since u know japanese .is that possible?need ya advice

  6. yumii says:

    takoyaki!!!!!!!! I want!!!! >.< (but those raw thingy looks kinda eww~)

  7. sk_ting says:

    Die of Japan overdose is worth it 😉

  8. aud says:

    eh eh i know! go find the hyaku yen or san byaku yen shops! they sometimes have very nice fake nails that’s where i got all my fake nails from

  9. Reika says:

    G10 OMG!! *canon fangirl spasm*

    and the cookie is cute~! 😀

  10. grace says:

    aren’t you glad more than 200 people persuaded you to show your bf’s pictures? 😀

    now you have so much more to blog about! like you can show pictures in restaurants or in front of landmarks without PS-ing his face out heh.

  11. Samantha says:

    nice nails! 😀 *thumbs up* and i love canon cameras!! 😀 😀

  12. xueni says:

    did you apply anything on ur hair? like wax to let the style stay? (:

  13. KY says:

    raw liver sounds interesting. :O

    G10 best kan! 😀

  14. Tan Yee Hou says:


    eh how to play kinky stuffs with such nails on wtf.

    i should learn how to do that so i can ngau some girls back hmmm yum yum

  15. tom says:

    enjoyment..!!! So the nice…!! The messy hair looks great!

  16. Lisa Lee says:

    Eouwww – the raw cow liver, I can’t imagine eating that. Hehe~ 🙂

  17. kreazi says:

    ewwww.. the raw cow liver looks gross!!! Keep on blogging… I only managed to stay in Kyoto for 1/2 day last year… following tour sucks lar!

  18. Jeremy says:

    1.I ate Tamagotuke Gohan once, felt like puking after the rice went cold… The raw egg feels like… I dunno? Gross? I think the dish is easy to make if you know how to mix the rice with the rice vinegar, I tried, but failed XD

    2.People at Hamamatzu decorate their houses with lots and lots of pretty lights during christmas, don’t they do it in Osaka?

    3.Raw liver is gross lar, but then again I don’t even eat cooked liver as well XD

    4.Best romantic spot in osaka-Sky Building, found! 🙂

  19. midori says:

    SO freaking jealous! Japan is #1 on my must-visit list. I was hoping to go this year but…it’s so expensive ;P

    And haha @ you photoshopping TK’s asian glow away!

  20. David says:


    You are right about the pic of you with the slightly messy hair in the morning. looks very cool, and cute, like you planned it that way.

    A cute look on you!



  21. mk says:

    eek raw liver! LOL the only thing i will eat raw is pbb seafood…
    goddamnit i want some of those octopus balls!!

  22. ShaolinTiger says:

    Looks like it was all work it in the end, enjoy and say hi to TK 🙂

  23. abraxis says:

    Great pix! Glad to see u had a good time. I think you missed Comiket which was from the 28-30th at Tokyo Big Sight. Cosplayers galore!

  24. suz says:

    nvm die of overdose.. just keep the pictures coming. and the love story also nehhh…
    btw, ringo you line your lower eyeline with what ah? pencil liner or liquid??

  25. Eve says:

    OOOooo….some dishes look kinda alien to me omg…

  26. jk says:

    I really like your blog. Makes me smile just reading your blog. 🙂

    Am looking forward to your entry on Kyoto. Had a day trip there 2 yrs ago when we went to Osaka (tumpang cos abang went there for 5 days). Love Kyoto leh. But we were on a really tight budget so basically we had ‘japanese chap fan’ from the same shop for all our dinners.
    And their bread slices hor… thick but yummy leh. Sigh…wish can go to Japan…again.

    Hope your days are full of cheesy smiles.. 😀

  27. hitomi says:

    Yee Hou Yee Hou if only you can live with the long nails!!

    I love my long nails but it is GONE WTH –

    IT is DIY but not as sophisticated as Cheesie’s!! I hate why I must cut my nails everytime!!?! NO matter how I avoid seeing the BOss still my nails cannot miss out from Her view…

    PLanned to keep it until CNY but WT was gone!! Missing my nails GOSh…and I cannot take out my lens as I used to do with Long nails!!

    NO NO…raw livers and Ewww….not my cup of tea lol!! New camera Fuyoh!!

  28. Jade Z. says:

    what strikes me most about this post eventho its long are 3 things:
    1. the picture of u & TK (as if u 2 were above the city!)
    2. livers and more liversss (eee!)
    3. for a split sec i thought the big eyed poster girl is u (hahaha! who ask yr PS skill so geng i get confused now)

    & oh ya, all the kids u met in Japan are so kiut (no offense) not like the “Jepun kia” they use to stereotype – mata kesepetan etc…

    when u balik we go Tropicana Mall sudah bukak; KY & I found a Korean ice-cream yogurt stall very very very naisss! (we felt) hehe!

    tata~~ ^^

  29. Hayley says:

    cheesie, what language u speak with TK?? nth la just curious nia.

  30. keju says:

    “Tasted cowy.”

    only Cheesie would be able to come up with vocabulali like these.

  31. evelyn says:


    and someone became instantly influcenced…

  32. andieee says:

    =) =)

  33. olivia.jr says:

    wow cheesie..

    lurrve ur love story, romance..
    makes me feeling warm la.. 🙂

  34. Cheesie says:

    Calypso: Im glad too!
    budleee: hahaha why not!!!
    liucas: vice versa!
    michelle: THEY ARE!!!!!
    breadpitt: if i can i help lo!

  35. Cheesie says:

    yumii: takoyaki is besttttttt!
    sk_ting: hahahha u can book urself a coffin then!
    aud: WHY ARE U IN AUS!!!!!!!
    Reika: ya bought it the day before i flew

  36. Cheesie says:

    grace: hehehe true thats why i gave it a long thought. no la actually more like an impulsive thing. 🙂
    samantha: thank you!
    xueni: not at all. if u mean natural grease yes. hahhaa
    ky: best. its all your fault.

  37. Cheesie says:

    yh: lagi kinky. mwahhaha.
    tom: thanks a bunch for helping ot earlier, everything is settled now. 🙂
    Lisa: its just like sashimi, but taste a bit… too raw. wtf.
    peterlee: thank you!

  38. Cheesie says:

    kreazi: where else did you go? Im blogging Kyoto now!
    jeremy: i think it is hard lo!!!!!!!!!! it was soooooo nice omg im hungry now. didnt go to hamamatu, dunno. osaka was ridiculously quite on xmas. weird. Must must must go to Sky building!!!! but must go with BF/GF la cuz super rabu rabu. If not feel very gross one. 😛

  39. Cheesie says:

    midori: but u in US ma! US so big! go 10 times also cannot finish!
    david: Thank you!
    mk: what is pbb!!!
    ST: thank you mwah!!!
    abraxis: didnt go to tokyo lo. only had 3 hours in Akihabara thats all.

  40. Cheesie says:

    suz: pencil liner. liquid is quite impossible. sometimes i use burn in PS. thanks. lol
    eve: but they are very nice!
    jk: thank you so much! comment like urs make me smile too! So kesian ah!lol. Even Mos Burger is expensive hor? Try Chinese food, they are very cheap.

  41. Cheesie says:

    hitomi: wa, very nice ma. marine. it would look even better with some rhinestones!
    hayley: Japanese.

  42. Cheesie says:


  43. Cheesie says:

    andieee 🙂 back
    olivia: haha where got love story wor! 😛

  44. breadpitt says:

    howlong uve been learning japanese?

  45. breadpitt says:

    actually bought a book writen in japanese , cant read though , just understand abit of instruction based on pic ilustrated, any advice learning japanese ??

  46. Cheesie says:

    about 5 years i think. weekend classes. Attend classes lo. Must speak with classmate, that way u learn fast. 🙂

  47. hitomi says:

    Never try rhinestones wo…wont be very Jo Deng meh?? Drop edi then very Fugly la

    I saw your previous nails with Crystal (Bali trip) – that’s much better^^

  48. vvens says:

    i really really love the picture you camwhored thru glasses, of the sky view. very very smart and pretty! 🙂

  49. SiCunit says:

    I love the nail art, so beautiful.. and the pachinko/slot.. haha… is it that easy?? so why do people let their money gone only for that stupid game?! and.. i love Yuuri.. he’s so cute!
    er.. though i’ve become your blog reader for some time, but this is the first time i give comment..
    nice to see ya!

  50. Cheesy viewer says:

    Are you aware of what the Japs did in WW 2?

    Have a look at this:

    Do the youth-Chinese Malaysians still adore the Japs knowing the facts? Do the Japs around you still deny or are they just ignorant?

  51. Porkie says:

    Oh we go. You come here just to post that? Why must someone bring up an issue such as this…

  52. Jeff says:

    Come on Ringo! Tell Us! Tell us! Tell US!! TeLLLLLLLL USSS!

    *****Has he shown you his Tamagotchi yet??????********

  53. Sarah says:

    oo! can’t wait for more pictures! flood us with those pictures!:D looks so awesome….!:)) i wanna fly to japan tooo…hide me in your luggage! haha…:P

  54. breadpitt says:

    wahhhh, took time eii….erm how much roughly( imust be out of my mine, i drive to learn japanese just for a book, try to apply apprentice ship form those japanese sifu, but they say the problemthey dont speak english) ,their skill were awesome!!

  55. Cheesy viewer says:

    To Porkie: I don’t mean to highlight Cheesie’s new boyfriend being Japanese, judging by the pictures, he seems to look after her well. But since Japan is on the topic anyway, let us not forget the massacre of the Chinese by the Japs is still being adamantly denied. The “new” Japanese know nothing of what was done. If Cheesie’s acendants only knew she’s with a Jap, they would turn in their grave.

  56. Simon Seow says:

    Wow, I really want to try the raw reba. Can I stay at Taka’s place if I go to Japan? Puhleze. lol

  57. panda says:

    raw liver? eeeewwww….i kenot tahan lor like tht… 🙁

  58. WP says:

    Wow they eat so many raw stuff! Raw fish I’ve gotten used to, raw egg is okay…but raw bloody (literally!) meat I can’t accept! :s

  59. suz says:

    Cheesy viewer: yea.. but like you said… the ‘new’ Japanese know nothing of what was done. they are innocent. they shouldn’t be blamed. and if cheesie and tk are happily in love, i don’t see there’s a prob.

  60. Selina says:

    gracious… i like your post.. the japanese food looks yummy to the max. You are living in my dream

  61. Cheesy viewer says:

    to suz: I specifically said I am not highlighting the fact that Cheesie’s boyfriend being Japanese! Duhhhh! If only some people weren’t so ignorant or turn a blind eye to the massacre…

    to Cheesie: pics are great and interesting post despite touchy history.

  62. Porkie says:

    No one is being ignorant or turning a blind eye to the massacre , however there isn’t a need to bring up such a topic here and in this post is there? If you feel so strongly, why not create a blog and post all about it?

    Up until the last part of your latest post you haven’t posted about anything else and it seems all you are interested in doing is talking about WWII.

  63. choco says:

    wanna see tamagotchi go here la.

    a lot of tamagotchi for you to see. or can download the tamagotchi game onto you mobile also.

    no, i’m not being ignorant.

  64. Cheesy viewer says:

    I brought up Sino-Japan history because Japan is on the topic now. The first thing that comes to one’s mind when one sees a chinese female with Japanese male is the controversy (if one has a brain). Bear in mind when someone has a personal blog, the blogger exposes her life on the internet. Hence there will be comments; be it neutral, positive or negative. You seem to take it very personally.

    O Porkie, I have heard of you during the shooting Malaysian Dream Girl: The slightest comment that could spark a mild avalanche was deleted. Not that I was against her or anything of that kind.

  65. David says:

    Porkie and Cheesy viewer,

    I recommend continuing your WW II discussion off line. Ringo and T are fine with their relationship. They are likely aware of historical facts. Where violence and cruelty once flourished, Ringo and T have moved beyond, they live today in love and friendship.

    Learn lessons from history, do not dwell or make the past a point of contention!

  66. Porkie says:

    Cheesy viewer – The first thing that came to your mind you mean. I very much doubt that it came to anyone elses. By the way, are you insinuating one doesn’t have a brain if they do not think of the controvasy if they see a Chinese female and a Japanese male? If you are, please leave out the petty remarks.

    As for deleting in MDG, yea I did in the shoutbox. You might find that a lot of what was posted was utter tripe.

    David – i have no intention of continuing the WWII here nor offline as quite frankly it is not something I’m bothered about but thank you for stepping in as well to try and make things move on from there.

  67. Porkie says:

    Cheesie – you’ve finally had your takoyaki from the original source eh? Got eat mos burger there yet? Shame you couldn’t have been in Tokyo for Xmas liao…usually got a lot of nie music events going on from the various Japanese artists. NYE oso got Kouhaku Utagassen..if you dunno what that is, ask TK

  68. ahlost says:

    I shouldn’t have commented.. cos this is the 70th comment 😡

    and I forgot what I wanted to comment T_T

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