After 11 years. The one place in the world i wanted to visit the most.

And i am here. (Check out my flag! Wahahha sorry i can’t get over that just yet.)

Proper blog post. Please gimme some motivation it’s so hard to blog on his 10 year old computer. Internet is fast but PC itself is lagging like constipation. But here you go, 40 over pictures of what happened since i arrived Nara.

Apart from the long Nenmatsu holiday, the rest of the days i live normally. Work (from home), go for lunch, rest a little, cuddle a little (very cold), go for dinner, shop in Combini (i love it. Japanese convinience store is freaking amazing. And i started this Ringo collection. Everything apple flavored its super good), go back cuddle summore (colder at night), sleep.

24.12.2008 Tenri/Umeda

I waited 1 hour at Disneyland bus station, out in the cold wind, with a luggage half my size it just looked totally silly.

Bus came 22:05 on the dot. And 6:05 i arrived Tenri, Nara.

tenri0 by you.

The mixed feeling was overwhelming. It felt like i have just completed the greatest journey ever.

TK picked me up from the station. We went back home and rested for a couple of hours till his work time.

Then he bought me breakfast. My first meal in Nara is Makudounarudo. But they have pork waaaaa!

tenri5 by you.

Lunch time we had Chinese.

tenri2 by you.

I think only like 380 Yen, very cheap!

tenri3 by you.


At night we drove to Osaka. About 45mins away from Tenri.


And had the best Takoyaki.

umeda4 by you.

There are a lot of little Takoyaki stalls

umeda3 by you.

But according to TK this is the best. It’s called Kougaryu 甲賀流.

umeda2 by you.

Tasted tooooooootally different from whatever Takoyaki i have tried, including ‘the best takoyaki in the world’ i had in Taipei. I’m gonna eat my own words (after eating another round of Takoyakis of course).

umeda1 by you.

ORIGINAL. Takoyaki. From Osaka. Thanks.

After Takoyaki we went up to Sky Building in Umeda.

Going up to Floating Garden Observatory.

umeda8 by you.

Shimmery floor.

umeda5 by you.

Amazing sky view.


umeda10 by you.

This is about the most Christmassy thing we saw in Osaka. Christmas in Japan is seriously sien.

25.12.2008 Merry Xmas, Nara

Omg most unhappening Christmas ever. Not even a single Christmas tree in sight.

nara1 by you.

The Boyfriend had to workand i woke up with the messiest hair ever. But it kinda looked cool, in a strange way.

Lunch break, Yuuri came over. And we played Mario Kart.

nara4 by you.

Argh so cute!

nara5 by you.

And taught him how to camwhore.

Dinner we went for Korean style Yakiniku with TK’s friend. Bestttttest.

yakiniku1 by you.

yakiniku2 by you.

Raw cow liver. TK’s favorite. I hated it. Tasted cowy.

yakiniku3 by you.

Arrrgh the pork ARGGH PORK!!! The fat!! Go away, this blog is super non halal.

yakiniku4 by you.

Korean style pizza wa it tasted totally different from the ones in Mont Kiara/Hartamas also i swear this is like 100000 times better.

And omg you know what’s my favorite? Yakiniku is really expensive, three of us ate about 10k Yen. But my favorite is this ¥380 Tamagotuke Gohan.

yakiniku5 by you.

It is just rice (vinegared, i think), nori (seaweed) and a raw egg. Then you pour soy sauce over it. But it tasted like heaven. TK teased me and said i have strange taste. He said whoever also can make that. It looks reeeeeeally simple but i doubt it is. Just like mom said when she went for art class in college their first assignment was to draw an egg. It is the easiest thing ever, but the hardest at the same time. Skill, people, skill.


Ok. Merry Christmas. Yawn.

26.12.2008 Game day!

nara3 by you.

God i had been wearing his jumper for days. Actually, weeks. But i just only washed it today (5th January 2009). Gross. I know.

Today he took half a day’s leave to help me settle my visa. It was also the day i saw snow for the first time. It was a happy day. Got my visa sorted out unbelievably fast, no question asked, just some documents and ¥4000. I love Japan.

nara6 by you.

Bought this for him from Matsumoto. It says Suki Suki Daisuki.


We finished everything early, so we went Pachinko!

nara8 by you.

Pachinko centers are everyfreakingwhere in Japan. In city got, in kampung also got. And i don’t understand why so many people played it. So i tried playing.


I REALLY don’t understand why people play pachinko/slot. It’s like the stupidest games every that requires no skill whatsoever unlike Roulette omfg i miss Roulette in Shanghai but srsly, WHY?!?!

Can anyone tell me? I think we lost like a few thousand ¥just in a few minutes. Cheesus Crust that’s like a few pair of leopard print BabyPure shoes gone!!! Argh heartache like hell. You lose money like crazy. I did ask TK why he likes to play with the stupid machine. He said if you win it is very shiok.

But the point is, you never.

I think Japanese people just like to play overly simply games because their life is so stressful. They have a card game called Dai Fu Oo, so the cousin asked if i know how to play, because it involves a lot of rules. Then i foud out that it is similar to Chinese’s Chor Dai Dee. except that it is10000 times simpler. I won like 10 times in a row.

nara11 by you.

We went Purikura (Print Club) next. This is so much better!

nara9 by you.

So much more fun.

At night went Izakaya with Yasuo and girlfriend Nami chan.

izakaya6 by you.

Omg must try their brown sugar Umeshu!!!

Ordered so many things which name i couldn’t remember.

izakaya5 by you.

This is like, called, Karupacho.

Ok wait a minute. This is like, i just smartly discovered like, 5 seconds after i typed the above sentence, translation for Carpaccio. God I’m so brilliant.

izakaya4 by you.

Raw reba (liver) again urgh.

izakaya2 by you.

Some Sazae no tuboyaki. Whatever. Nandeyanen.

izakaya3 by you.

Obscenely delicious. Literally.

izakaya1 by you.

Finally, expired Christmas cake.

Bonus: Nail Art

nail1 by you.

So expensive in Japan T_T. Color lens also cost like RM300 i want to die. Please forgive me if i feel compelled to PS my eye turqouise because i can’t afford the real deal. I miss Malaysia.

nail2 by you.

DIY nail art.

nail3 by you.

God i love this camera. It looks like the stupidest camera ever but it is good. It’s Canon G10. Stop asking already.

This is just like 1/15 of what i experienced in Japan. There is a total of 3,736 pictures in my laptop as of now. Be prepared to die of Japan overdose.

Thanks. Kyoto next.