When i twittered that i was waking up early to work in the fast food chain, Keju replied, “What are you doing in there? Are you working as a cheese?”


Anyway. Thanks to McDonald’s, i had an impressive experience working in the McDonald’s outlet at The Curve. Well, half a day. Because i was smart and hardworking, i got to finish early and rest! 😀

8:00AM Wake up, make up (McDonald’s staff must be presentable and cute).

9:00AM Drive to designated McDonald’s outlet.

9:30AM Reached my work place. And was treated to yummy breakfast!

Delicious breakfast!

10:00AM Meet the manager of the outlet. Then take body temperature.

mcd7 by you.

Apparently, because of the whole AH1N1 thing, every member of staff will have to go through a temperature check to make sure they are healthy!

10:03AM Getting the badge.

mcd16 by you.

I’m certified cool. 😀

10:04AM Briefing

10:15AM Start work!

I was actually very very nervous as i felt like i was 17 again working part time in some push cart dim sum place being super clumsy– served empty Lo Mai Kai to my customers and always dropped things FML. (But now to think of it it’s really some funny fond memories!)For a brief moment i felt like chickening out!!!

The trainer and staff in Mc Donald’s were so patient with me even though i made like a cheezillion blunders. (I think McDonald’s had the most amount of food wastage that particular day thanks to me. :S)

10:16AM Get familiarized with the equipment

So colorful!

I realized McDonald’s is super organized and systematized!  The raw ingredients can only be kept maximum 4 hours a day, and they perform compulsory food safety checks twice a day to make sure everything is properly cooked. (Certain food have to achieve a certain temperature, for example the beef patty must be 155°F.)

mcd13 by you.

Wow. I am bag. I am box. I am tray. Great. Simple and clear! 😀

mcd10 by you.

They have different tools for each food. So you cant use a fish kiap kiap to pick up a beef patty.

Transparent glove is for cooked food, and blue glove is for raw food. For the transparent gloves, you need to change a new pair every one hour! As for the blue gloves, you use it once and they are to be thrown away! O.o

mcd2 by you.

You also need to check the quality of oil everyday. 🙂

10:45AM Change Menu

At this time everyday, the staff are getting busy because they have to change the breakfast menu to the regular menu.

mcd5 by you.

Brekkie is over!

11:00AM Learn how to greet the customers!

“Hello welcome to Mc Donald’s!”

12:00 Noon Hands on experience

Studying burgers!

Know where to keep the porridge warm!

12:15PM Fry fries

12:45PM: Fry nuggets

1:00PM OMG BIG TASK! I had to prepare a set meal!

mcd8 by you.

Step 1: Fry Fillet-O-Fish. (Must remember to drain for 7 seconds before putting it on the tray!)

mcd9 by you.

Step 2: Slot it into designated warmer!

Step 3: Heat the buns!

Then comes my FAVORITE PART of course!!!

Step 4: Put a slice of cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

Step 5: Pouring tartar sauce.

Step 6: Place the Fillet-O-Fish on the bun.

And… DONE!



Ze End.



Oh wait. Watch this short video clip:

Ooooomg you won’t believe it.

This whole working in Mc Donald’s thing, is like playing the real Nintendo Cooking Mama. I swear.

Every single tasked is timed and evaluated!

For example, from the time an order appears on the screen, you have exactly 25 seconds to prepare the correct buns. It’s damn kancheong one!!!

Also, do you know that the cooked fries can be only kept maximum 7 minutes? If there isn’t any order within that 7 minutes, they will be thrown away. Rest assured that you can have the freshest fries!

Seriously it is like playing Cooking Mama but 100X the nervewrecking! (the difference is that, when you screw up, you can’t exactly like, try again. T_T)

I am now a fully, professionally trained potential McDonald’s Employee. If Nuffnang fire me, i can go to work in McDonald’s liao.

No la.

I don’t think i even qualify T_T

I realized two things you need to have before you apply for any vacancy at the outlet.

1. Extremely strong arms. To shake the fries.

2. Super Cooking Mama skill.

I am serious. Chances are, if you score high in Cooking Mama, you will prolly ace in working there too.

After this experience, i was super mega ultra impressed with the staff in Mc Donald’s. I don’t know how they can be so damn prompt, alert and efficient. I totally major fail dot com.

I really really respect the people working there. I promise next time i will be less grumpy ordering food when i’m dead hungry.

Because it is really no easy job.



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