This coming December, 18th to 27th, 8 days. Helping my friend Wilson to make this trip happen.

Reasons why you should go:

1. It’s a lot cheaper than you follow tour/go sendiri, confirm dot com dot jp. We are pricing it about RM5500 now for 8 days. If we can find more people, it would be even cheaper. If we manage to get cheaper air tickets, we will give everyone a even lower price.

2. It’s Hokkaido.

3. White Christmas.

4. Snow Crab.

5. Ikura sushi, Uni sushi, giant Hotate, etc etc etc etc etc.


7. And because i really really reaaaaally want to go and i hope to share this with you.

8. Everyone deserves a break if not a holiyear. FFS it’s Christmas! IN JAPAN!

9. If this one tak jadi again i will go kill myself with a mouse trap.


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If liddat also i fail to convince you to go, you may as well go be an alga and get eaten by fishes that are bored because you are uninteresting like that.


Faster apply before 31st Oct!!!! More info is at Titanplanet.

Please email if you have any enquiries. Or email me to get the application form. ๐Ÿ™‚

Read more about Japan Homestay HERE.




BB Update

My Xpax free 7 days data has expired. And i tried to save money by not renewing. For one day. And it was the most miserable day of my life.

No X, no Life. My BB was so damn kesian i didn’t even touch it for one day. Without the Xpax plan it’s just like a bloody useless blinking calculator. FIL.

The next day i succumbed and Type BB ON and sent it to 28882.

Subscribed to the 250 plan.

It’s only RM2.50 anyway for unlimited usage.

Go get one la. It’s worth it one.