11:51PM Thank you so much for all your support. I will be at the same event later (Saturday) from 10AM-10PM at TANGS Pavilion KL. Come support if you can. πŸ™‚

If you are bored, read the few posts below. I made them into archive so it doesn’t flood the main page. ^^

6:35PM Beauty & fashion secret in a window

5.25PM Why you should support me

4.29PM Six magic words

WhenΒ you’re in a display window in a shopping mall, of course you have to be fashionable!

Fashion by TANGS.

I’m wearing a grey dress (also can be worn as a top) and a pair of denim patten leggings from French Connection.

And please support me because i really reeeeeally <3 the dress/top (i wanna bring it to Hokkaido it feels very warm!) and the leggings are sooooooo comfy omg and if i win i think ngam ngam i get to buy them with the voucher!


And i’m wearing my silver pumpsΒ to match the outfit.

And what did i say about extra hardwork with girls? This pair of heels hurts like a b**ch but i had to wear it to look good! And also wearing high heels make you run slower to the toilet! T_T

And grey/silver eyeshadow too.

My hair still looks horrible but i’m planning to curl it later if i have time. Please support me!! I do a LIVE HAIR TUTORIAL ok!!! As bribe!!!

Help m comment more more. Remember more than 20 wordsΒ πŸ™‚