It is just so omfg cute max.


And i has it. Just a month ago i was lamenting how regretful i was for not buying them in Disney Sea. (the post here).

So how come nao i can has Duffy!!!!!!

Ok. It is liddis.

So i regretted not buying right. Then this really awesome reader Veron, who has a heart the size of, i dunno, a blue whale or something (the largest mammal ma), offered to help me get my Duffy cuz she was going to Disney Sea!!!

Of course then i said yes! But the reason i didn’t blog about it was because i wanted to get it for TK’s birthday.

So Veron got my Duffy, but she was only coming back AFTER Tk’s birthday. Plus he was in Japan that time. So i changed my mind and wanted to give it to him as a Valentine’s present instead. Okay yes we split up awhile ago but it doesn’t mean i can’t give him Valentine’s present! Since he has no new girlfriend and i don’t fancy anyone else and all that!!!

(Damn suck one. In Japan Valtentine’s means GIRL have to buy GUY present one. FTL max.)

I can be the awesomest girlfriend in the world can!



The Valentine’s gift plan major failed max. T___T

Ok, it is liddis again.

So Veron got my Duffies (i ordered two! One for him and another one for myself WTF even though it is so bloody expensive but i couldn’t resist it T______T), and on that very day she was supposed to pass me my Duffies, Tk came to visit. And Veron was already downstairs!

I panicked max, and i told him i had to go downstairs to collect something. And the way i said it must be really damn 7 sneaky or suspicious or whatever, because then he suddenly got so curious and kept asking what i was collecting!

And being a super fail max liar, i just shrugged him off and said it’s nothing. When i came back i actually placed the Disney plastic bags in my backyard so he wouldn’t and couldn’t see what i got. So we pretended to chat like normal but in the end he was still damn 7 curious, he couldn’t tahan so he asked me again. (Wtf i think he must have thought that i am a druggie and bought feng tou yuen or something FML).

So being major fail max at lying and pretending, again, i showed him the plastic bags.


Inside got two omfg cute max Duffies.

And he was just speechless for one whole minute, and then he actually was so touched he teared.

I know he damn ♥ Duffy even though it is so sissy for a guy to like soft toys. But when i occasionally mentioned about Duffy, he would sound all emo and said we should have bought it (Then i will secretly grin in my heart because i have ordered it hehehheehe).

It really caught him by surprise. He kept asking how i manage to get the Duffies when they are only available in Disney Sea! (Of course then this is my time to express my love to all of my awesome readers, love all of you kao max!)


Because they are damn 7 cute. I cannot stress enough how cute they are. You just go like all gerammmmm! As cute as Cheddie and Koyuki.


Got Mickey logo on the side of the hip too! ^^


Teddies on my bed.


We finally can has Duffy.



Duffy comes with a card on the hip. It says “This Duffy Belongs to _____”.


And then the Duffy story.


And we can has happiness and luck nao. 🙂


Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day!