My Second Marriage Proposal

January 10, 2007 in The Stinky Cheese

Three months after the first one.

Cheesie sits down comfortably on her couch going through her sms’es. Her phone rings.

Weirdo: Hello, may i speak to Ringo please?
Cheesie: Yes speaking. Who’s this?
Weirdo: Erm… You know… erm… How do i say this.. Actually you don’t know me, but i’m a big fan of yours.
Cheesie: O…kay. You got my number from?
Weirdo: Can i tell you that in a bit because i don’t wanna scare you.
Cheesie: O…kay. And your name is?
Weirdo: My name is James… i know it’s a silly name, not as cool as yours but… I’m just wondering, uhm, are you seeing anyone?
Cheesie: *WTFish* Why?
Weirdo: Err…. This is gonna sound really weird, I know where you work, I’ve been around a few times, have seen you around, but never got the guts to say hello to you.
Cheesie: null You know my work place?!
Weirdo: Yea! I erm.. i go there and hide.
Cheesie: WHAT?!666
Weirdo: I.. I.. I.. I see you i just watch you from far…
Cheesie: *kancheong* Erm… Wait… How do you know i work there?
Weirdo: Like i say, i’ve got erm, contacts.
Cheesie: *Double WTFish* Look James. If you wanna be friends, you’ll have to be frank, right?
Weirdo: Okay i’ll be very frank with you. I hire private investigators to find out exactly…
Cheesie: Interesting.
Weirdo: I’ve got pictures of you. He goes around and take pictures of you, following you around, that’s how i got to know so much about you.
Cheesie: *-_-|||*
Weirdo: So, you don’t want me to beat around the bush, let me be frank. Are you going out with anyone?
Cheesie: *Super WTFish*
Weirdo: If you’re not, I’m just wondering, would you be interested in marriage?
Cheesie: MARRIAGE? I’m only twenty two and c’mon. Of course i would but…
Weirdo: I KNEW IT! I could see it from the way you blog, and… and… i could feeeeeeel the connection between us… gosh i’m so nervous my palms are sweating now. So… is that a yes?
Cheesie:: IS THAT A PROPOSAL?!?666
Weirdo: Hmmm… Kinda… I know i’m not good at this…
Cheesie: *major dash underscore dashy* You PROPOSE to someone you have never met before?
Weirdo: I’m on my knees, if that counts.
Cheesie: NO. I need to see flowers and, maybe like a ring, you know?!?
Weirdo: Since you’re good at the net, how bout i send you flowers over the net, it’s beautiful.
Weirdo: No no, i’m serious! I am. You aren’t joking with me are you? Please don’t play with my emotions. Just tell me straight, then i’ll leave you forever.
Cheesie: I don’t even know you! How can i marry someone i don’t know?
Weirdo: It happens all around the world! So the next time when i come around can i say hello to you?
Cheesie: Yes please, make sure you do!
Weirdo: Alright, I’ll give you a visit later and i’ll be the guy wearing a T-shirt…
Cheesie: ……
Weirdo: You know, a radio station where two guys called Rudy and JJ pull pranks on people…
Cheesie: I. AM. NOT. ON. AIR. RIGHT.
Weirdo: Haha… GOTCHA!
Cheesie: ……
Weirdo: This is JJ by the way. Pietro set you up! You wanna talk to him?
Cheesie: BITCH!!!!!!666666