My Second Marriage Proposal

January 10, 2007 in The Stinky Cheese

Three months after the first one.

Cheesie sits down comfortably on her couch going through her sms’es. Her phone rings.

Weirdo: Hello, may i speak to Ringo please?
Cheesie: Yes speaking. Who’s this?
Weirdo: Erm… You know… erm… How do i say this.. Actually you don’t know me, but i’m a big fan of yours.
Cheesie: O…kay. You got my number from?
Weirdo: Can i tell you that in a bit because i don’t wanna scare you.
Cheesie: O…kay. And your name is?
Weirdo: My name is James… i know it’s a silly name, not as cool as yours but… I’m just wondering, uhm, are you seeing anyone?
Cheesie: *WTFish* Why?
Weirdo: Err…. This is gonna sound really weird, I know where you work, I’ve been around a few times, have seen you around, but never got the guts to say hello to you.
Cheesie: null You know my work place?!
Weirdo: Yea! I erm.. i go there and hide.
Cheesie: WHAT?!666
Weirdo: I.. I.. I.. I see you i just watch you from far…
Cheesie: *kancheong* Erm… Wait… How do you know i work there?
Weirdo: Like i say, i’ve got erm, contacts.
Cheesie: *Double WTFish* Look James. If you wanna be friends, you’ll have to be frank, right?
Weirdo: Okay i’ll be very frank with you. I hire private investigators to find out exactly…
Cheesie: Interesting.
Weirdo: I’ve got pictures of you. He goes around and take pictures of you, following you around, that’s how i got to know so much about you.
Cheesie: *-_-|||*
Weirdo: So, you don’t want me to beat around the bush, let me be frank. Are you going out with anyone?
Cheesie: *Super WTFish*
Weirdo: If you’re not, I’m just wondering, would you be interested in marriage?
Cheesie: MARRIAGE? I’m only twenty two and c’mon. Of course i would but…
Weirdo: I KNEW IT! I could see it from the way you blog, and… and… i could feeeeeeel the connection between us… gosh i’m so nervous my palms are sweating now. So… is that a yes?
Cheesie:: IS THAT A PROPOSAL?!?666
Weirdo: Hmmm… Kinda… I know i’m not good at this…
Cheesie: *major dash underscore dashy* You PROPOSE to someone you have never met before?
Weirdo: I’m on my knees, if that counts.
Cheesie: NO. I need to see flowers and, maybe like a ring, you know?!?
Weirdo: Since you’re good at the net, how bout i send you flowers over the net, it’s beautiful.
Weirdo: No no, i’m serious! I am. You aren’t joking with me are you? Please don’t play with my emotions. Just tell me straight, then i’ll leave you forever.
Cheesie: I don’t even know you! How can i marry someone i don’t know?
Weirdo: It happens all around the world! So the next time when i come around can i say hello to you?
Cheesie: Yes please, make sure you do!
Weirdo: Alright, I’ll give you a visit later and i’ll be the guy wearing a T-shirt…
Cheesie: ……
Weirdo: You know, a radio station where two guys called Rudy and JJ pull pranks on people…
Cheesie: I. AM. NOT. ON. AIR. RIGHT.
Weirdo: Haha… GOTCHA!
Cheesie: ……
Weirdo: This is JJ by the way. Pietro set you up! You wanna talk to him?
Cheesie: BITCH!!!!!!666666


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  1. good one!
    i always listen to hitz via streaming radio and heard alot of ppl kena..but didnt know u pulak kena this time. this duo is cool and damn friendly..i got a msg from them once via youtube after i made a vid based on their mat rempit song.


  2. lol…. rolfmao hahahah

  3. haha.. I knew it. sounded too much like a prank. well… a cold sweat fun. I m sure u r used to it.

  4. When will it be aired? FUNNY LAR! Please record it and post online pleeeeeeease?

  5. LOL even people make a parody about it. Hilarious but i give you guts for not even pressing the red button 😛


    can’t wait to hear it. going to keep my ears peeled

  7. hahaha. i cant wait to hear it on air too! ;p
    it is lucky you were being nice to him. hahaha.

  8. I hope I get to hear it on air! or better still, post it on your blog! =D

  9. LAUGH***************

  10. Funniest prank I ever heard…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!

  11. oh such a waste, i thought this is for real -.-“

  12. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Ringo,do u know when will tis GOTCHA be playing on air? 🙂

  13. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Erm,do have any revenge plan 4 Pietro?

  14. HAHAHAHA no wonder it sounds weird!!
    -waits for it on air-

  15. This is so funny! Hahaha! xD

  16. The actual one is a lot more elaborated la. So embarrassing i dowan to hear myself -_-


  18. hahaha hmm actually, can someone like record it? 😛 im not in Msia so i wont have a chance to listen 😛 sorry cheesie but it is rather hilarious…

    Anyone up for recording?

  19. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Keju,can u kindly record it down n post it online so tat all the Cheeserlanders can hear? 🙂

  20. WAHHAHAHHA!!!!

  21. funny lar. i wil listen to hitz n c they wil play this or not…

  22. i wanna listen too. but i’m from brunei. so i cant = unless well ofcourse, smeone records it 🙂

  23. hahaha – i heard it this morning!!! 7am 0n…knew it was you…

  24. kaka! GOTCHA! very funny lar :p

  25. LOL, wah lao missed that. So anyone recorded it? >.>

  26. what a friend -_-
    hahah. this is something you’re gonna tell your grandchildren!

  27. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Huh?Played on air dy ar?I juz woke up only ler… -__-“‘

  28. Hehe ringo, I heard you on air this morning…Hahaha i was thinking whether it was you cos JJ said Hello Ringo. Now I knw its you after reading this entry Haha..He didn’t totally gotcha. you were fast at replying..hehe, so you got him back!

  29. gosh this is hilarious! haha!

  30. Why not ask him to give you an expensive TIFFANY diamond ring and a proof of receipt. Otherwise he will shut his mouth up

  31. heard u on air this moring, gal 😛
    u sounded just like what a cheesie should be ! 😀
    you got him back, bad.


  32. heard it this morning (:
    I never thought they will get you 😛

  33. So weird to hear yourself on radio. -_-

    Edited part of this entry after listening to it again. Thanx pea-eye.

  34. ahahahaha….nice one…..

  35. ah crap i missed the show!! T_T… anyone recorded it?

  36. Too bad I don’t get Hitz FM here.

  37. They sure scared the fish out of you. Its kinda creepy *Private Investigator*…

  38. ooooOOeeeerr… LOL LOL LOL LOL. Okay, i can stop laughing now.

    *bursts out in laughter again*

  39. it was on air this morning~!!! haha

  40. I heard it this morning… Wahlaueh! Got stranger talking like that you still can stay so cool eh… I think most girls would have freaked out and turn off their phone if some stranger called them up and talked like that…. -_-“

  41. Well n305er,thats cheesie..she will talk to u eventhough u’re stranger.she’s that sweet. :).that is why, people over here likes her 🙂

  42. Mine was in truth at least and attempted to be humorous to a degree, with very limited means to even get any written word to you.

    Email text does not travel feelings well. I do know just what does though.

    Yet, I have absolutely no real answer in any direction, just for the record here.
    I am sorry you got pranked, but I’m not surprised. Still, lol!

    Anyway 🙂
    Peace, Light, and Love – to You All!

  43. Hi, I heard you on this morning. When JJ mentioned that they’re pulling pranks on a popular Malaysian blogger, and her name is Ringo, I thought it was you.

    You seemed to have some accents when you speak…you studied overseas?

  44. Xinhey: WTC666 they played it twice summore. No ra, you suar anot. I am speak soooo malaysian caaaan.

  45. Any dog lover here??? Pls visit my blog and help out these dogs… they need a home or at least a temporary ones… appreciate it so mch

  46. hahahaha… so funny… 🙂

    When I first read it I thought it was true. =.=

  47. ask them play one more time.

  48. I heard it on air! I didnt know it was you until I read this post!!! HAHA!

  49. i heard that one on air! when i found out it was u, i was like, “OMG! LOL!”
    oh.btw. gotcha!

  50. Haha! Nice prank. You’re getting so popular now!

  51. When are you going to publicize pea-eye’s findings? 😀

  52. I heard that on air 🙂 you sounded so sweet, even to a stranger.. haha!

  53. Cheesie, did you record it? I missed it!

  54. wtf jj and RUdy is -.-

  55. Anyone has got the file, please upload and share it here. I missed that prank! hehe

    cheesie, that was hilarious! I was sweating for u when reading it :p

  56. hhaa. I missed it. Somebody who recorded it, please share it. Or maybe wait till they compile the Gotcha CD.

  57. checked, no listed there…

  58. heyyyy i wanna hear it too! omg wish i was back home hahaha!

    can ask them repeat on n i tune in online from london? pwetty plsssss >D

  59. i heard it coincidentally the other day.. it was real funny.. haha.. i was laughing alone in the bus like a retard..

  60. Hi Cheesy…er… I mean Cheesie,

    You really got me there with your proposal story. For a moment there I really thought you must have a long line of suitors breaking down your door to get on their knees before you.

    Very funny!

  61. hahaha fuckin hilarious!! funniest prank s far ive heard

  62. alison: ya man. Pietro still laughs at it until today. He’s the mastermind of it dammit

  63. 😆 kakakaka …. js wondering how many secret admirer u had … probably tons of it kakaka

    u were well blessed for sure 😆 but hopefully you don’t put brother Jesus name for fun ya~ its not that good.

    surely you were one of the best blogger in Malaysia, i think far better than Nicole Kiss n Kimberly Cun kakaka … your creativity had surpassed many … I mean hardwork n dedication did pays off.


  64. hah this is funny! as for the marriage proposal 1 and 2, it’s kind of creepy. do be careful yeah!

  65. datuk kombat says:

    gotcha 😆

  66. next mungkin wedding proposal yg betul punya be careful! 😆


  68. Oompa Loompa #5 says:

    Virtual kids expected anytime soon? 🙂 ROFL good comeback!


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  72. hhmm intresting 🙂

  73. Hahaha omg… you’re really something… I am your big fan from now on XD

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