(That itself is like a piece of news to many of my friends.)

This is probably like the first time i consciously follow any world news update since college time (that time did it because didn’t want to fail my papers). My mom always hinted that i’m a disgrace to my field of work because i’m probably the only person in journalism who doesn’t read the news iii.

This post is just a summary of what i tweeted yesterday, and yes i’m still going on and on about #prayforjapan if i get too repetitive or irritating please feel free to unfollow me wtf i understand one.


Since i am so far away i reckoned the only way to help is to donate. So this is how you can make a donation to help Japan. After reading this article, i wanted to make a donation to American Red Cross.

And guess what????


Credit card not accepted wtf.

Apparently for the Americans, Malaysians are too criminal to make a donation FOL. Well done all you credit card fraud assholes.

So then, i made a donation to International Medical Corp, which worked but i’d rather have given the money to Japan directly so it could be promptly dispatched for help.

Then on twitter, a lot of people also asked if there’s any other way to donate if they don’t have a credit card.


If you have a Paypal account, DONATE WITH PAYPAL.

And then today, super happy cuz i just found out a way to donate DIRECTLY to Japan Red Cross via Google Crisis Response. I think so far this is the best and most efficient way to help!!!

Yesterday there was a lot of angst going on the internet, with the Berita Harian cartoon thing and also all the Pearl Harbour retribution remarks. I was upset too and wanted to stab the balls of a random Librian (in my head). But i think this world has got enough of negativity going on. Instead of condemning those idiots we should just focus on the hopeful side of it.

Here’s an email i received from Yuriko.

Yuriko is my host mom from Nagano whom i homestayed with two years ago. If i were to find the genesis of my Mentaiko Obsession, i would say that she incepted me. With her cooking wtf. However, i lost contact with her soon after i left Nagano (totally my fault).

And when i heard from TK that there was casualty in Nagano i was worried so i sent her an email, which she replied promptly within two hours.


The email is titled “Support From Malaysia”. And she said how thankful she is that so many countries including Malaysia and sending help to Japan.

Just so you know, all the help we gave in any small way, or even just emotional support is appreciated. So please do continue to contribute if you can.

ALL my host families replied my email to report safety instantly, even though they are still emotionally (and most of them also physically wtf) shaken by the disaster. I think they are more worried that people are worried about them than i am worried about them wtf.

If there’s a blessing in disguise out of this heartbreaking disaster, it is that i’m in touch with all my friends and host family from Japan again, some whom i’ve lost touch with, including an ex boyfriend i haven’t spoken to in months. Everything just seems trivial now in comparison to by the sheer magnitude of damage and grief. And that how this tragic event has made humans more human in understanding each other’s pain.

Someone posted a comment about this native Japanese who made a remark that even though he is sad that this happened, he is glad in some way that it happened to Japan and not any other country, purely because of how well prepared his country is of facing a crisis, otherwise the damage would have been unimaginable. If it had happened to Malaysia it would have disappeared on map and we would have been extinct wtf.

And then i saw this video. It’s recorded in a supermarket in Japan during the tremor.

The calmness during a critical situation, the loyalty and dedication they have to their profession, and the absolute selflessness they demonstrated, was simply…. i don’t even have a word for it.

I just wonder how many people can do that when an earthquake is happening. Hmmm the ceiling is falling down. I must save the wine.


Maybe they are too used to tremors and quivers and eat in Shakey’s pizza everyday wtf.

I can’t help but think this is the kind of human we need more on this earth.




Update:  Singaporeans can donate to World Vision Sinagpore in SGD.

Alternatively a cash or cheque donation can be made at Singapore Red Cross Society. For Cheque donations, please write to Singapore Red Cross Society. On the back of the cheque please remember to state the following: Name, IC, Address, Contact No & Indicate JAPAN DISASTER 2011.