Still in great shock reading all the tweets about Japan earthquake/tsunami on my timeline. So horrifying to witness the live tweets on how they still feel the aftershock every so often and everyone seems to be still panicking. It is so heartbreaking to read i actually cried.


Was reading my fav Popteen model Sun Wei’s live tweets, she was alone at home when it happened and fell unconscious during the tremor  and injured herself. She also kept saying how she panicked and felt helpless and frightened all by herself. T_T


It’s also touching to see the Japanse celebrities and models i follow sending out messages and RTing to help out. I just hope there’s something i could do to help out too. For some reason it has greatly affected me and i’m more upset than when disasters happened to a much nearer place like, Thailand or something. It’s a place so dear to me, and you can see the ♥ in the title of all my Japan posts wtf.

Not like i drama or something, but i really feel real pain in the heart just to think about it. Didn’t even dare to look at the live video feeds, confirm cry maximus. I just think it’s way too beautiful to be destroyed like this.Plus Aud and i will be traveling to Tokyo in a couple of week’s time and it would sadden us to see it in such a calamitous state. But thank god the authorities damn fucking efficient judging from the updates on twitter, everything was restored so quickly i want to cry again wtf. #overactivetearduct. Hopefully death  toll will be kept to miniminiminmum.


The top of Tokyo Tower is fucking crooked. My heart feels hurt. T_T

Just sent out emails to my host families, hope they are all safe since they are outside the affected areas.

For once i actually feel quite glad that i’m in Malaysia and it makes me ponder alot about the time (which is almost all the time) i loathed it so much and swore that i was going to move out someday maybe to a country like Japan. I may want to really appreciate not the good things (still cynical and bitter wtf), but some of the bad things that didn’t happen here.

But all these disastrous events really made me paranoid, like, what’s next? Will anything happen to Malaysia? When will it hit me?  Will we all die? When will the world come to an end? Isit 2012 wtf?

Please please please let this pass soon, whatever divine force that created this earth. Just to show my sincerity, i will even pray, to you, free thinker’s equivalent of God. I want my beautiful Japan back.