I blogged about Olay Regenerist earlier on (post 1, 2 and 3), and showed you all how it works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just one application.

I have been using it before i apply my make up and have also been trying out lighter make up than usual, if you notice!

It really reduces fine lines and you’d probably look younger even with minimal make up on.


And now Olay Regenerist has taken one step further to best itself and claim that it will work in just 10 minutes by a guarantee of giving your money back if it doesn’t.

I think that’s quite a bold move as it requires no proof whatsoever, what if greedy people just want to try the products then return it and have their money back? The website says that you just have to return the product and you can get your money back, that’s how confident they are.

But then i think about it, if i can lose your wrinkles in 10 minutes i also don’t want my money back! (plus not such big money anyway)

Which is why you see this 10 Minutes Witness Badge on this blog because it is money well spent!

Now it is your time to challenge the Money Back Guarantee claim, you probably have nothing to lose, except maybe your wrinkles lol.

I’d like to show a before/after picture but i tried to capture and the fine lines  on face are too fine to be seen to make a huge difference, so if you are really curious about the effectiveness, you can try this:

(Lipstick is for demo purpose only so that the wrinkles appears more visible when before/after photo is taken, i don’t mean  you have to apply lipstick all over your face when applying it. Unless you are a clown.)


1. The skin between your thumb and index finger is probably one of the wrinkliest body part, so use that for demo.

2. Apply lipstick on that area. (i chose a really drying lipstick for effect)

3. On the other hand, very literally, (i use the same hand so i can show exact difference), apply a small dot of Olay Regenerist.

4. Gently massage and let it set in.

5. Wait till it is fully absorbed. (for me it took only 1 minute, not even 10)

6. Apply the same lipstick over the area.


Let me show an up close picture!

No filter used. Quite obvious right, the difference??


So now, you can also be a “10 Minute Witness” and win an Olay Regenerist hamper worh RM250 each!



These are some of the prizes you might win!

And here’s how:

1. Upload a photo of yourself and tell me why do you want to WIN Olay Regenerist in the photo caption.

2. Tag me on my Facebook Page and submit!

4. Top 3 best caption per blogger wins an Olay hamper each.

5. Contest deadline: 14th Dec 2012

For more info check out Olay’s FB page,  and don’t forget to also check out Olay Roadshow locations in Guardian and Watson