Sakura and all things pink

After the yellowest blog post and the orangest blog post, i now present to you the pinkest blog post.


April is my favorite month of all time because of Sakura! And the happy spring mood in general! <3

The whole Tokyo is PINK! Because there are big posters everywhere and they are always about sakura festivals so it is super pink.

You can see a sakura tree every few blocks or so, and the city is dotted with beautiful pink here and there <3

So one day i had to travel to Meguro alone to do my nails, and i was secretly feeling a bit troubled inside because it was quite far away from where i lived, and i had to go alone because no one was free to teman me that day.

So i took a train to Meguro station, it was incredible crowded that day and when i stepped out…


I had to rub my eyes to see if it was real.

Like a sea of pink below me! What is this????

I thought to myself, i MUST return back to that place after i get my nails done!!!

So i checked my GPS and looked for the location of the nail salon and walked towards it.



As i walked along, my jaw dropped wider and wider. i was so in awe that i couldn’t even think straight. I was just like omgomgomgomgomg…




This is what i saw.

No wonder the train station was so crowded! IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF MANKAI (full bloom)!!!!

It wasn’t my first time seeing sakura and i have seen enough pictures to have prior knowledge of how pretty it could be, but i have never seen SO MUCH sakura, in full bloom in my entire life!!!

And what’s more is that it was totally unexpected. I really felt like Alice chancing upon a wonderland. In pink.

As i continued OMGOMGing, i discovered my nail salon.



Right in the middle of sakura street. Even the logo is a sakura.


None of this was arranged. I went to this salon because it belongs to Kishibe san’s friend and i wanted to support. I have never heard of Meguro before and i thought it was a dead boring place. And i picked this date not expecting that i could even see a single pink petal.

But fate brought me here (as i’d like to believe!). To one of the best sakura spots i didn’t even know existed on a full bloom day.


After getting my nails done, i hurried out to participate in this joyous festival.  Everybody was sighing in amazement praising how beautiful it is, everybody carried a camera and snapping away, everybody was in a relaxed mood. Everybody LOOKED SO HAPPY.

Why am i SO lucky????

As i strolled along i felt all choked up. (Now i writing this i’m all choked up again wtf.)



I don’t even!!!!

Many thoughts suddenly floated across my mind. And i was feeling so many things at the same time. Firstly i was in in disbelief how beautiful Japan is, i have never seen any other place so incredibly pink and romantic before. Secondly i was overwhelmed by how strong the contrast of mood was, compared to just a year ago during 311 earthquake, everybody was fearful, many people lost hope, many people thought that was the end of it. Many people left Japan.

But look at this. This is Japan and it will never change.

It’s the most beautiful sight i’ve ever seen and i told myself I WANT TO COME BACK HERE EVERY YEAR. During this time.

It gave me so much hope and i feel so much love. I was alone, and i wished that i was with someone right there and then so i won’t look crazy mumbling to myself all teary eyes, but all i felt was love.



And then i 走火入魔 and started thinking i was in heaven wtf.



Taken with iPhone and only an Instagram filter. Got a kind passerby to take this picture for me as i was alone T_T.


And then i found a away to take a full-body shot against  sakura background:





It was super crowded that day but it was a good kind of crowd.



To take a close-up shot of this i almost fell into the river wtf.



queued for Tamagoyaki



Cute ice cream girl.



Sakura dog haha




It was also easter time! That’s an easter bunny cheese cake.



On the way back home i saw this in the train station fruit stall…


White strawberry!!!

(Or pineberry, technically it’s not a strawberry, it just looks like it -_- and it’s said to taste more like pineapple!)


Even though it’s extremely expensive like RM40 for 3 pieces wtf but i bought it because i always wonder how it tastes like!!!

And also the marketing also very clever it says it carries “the scent of first love” so i pretend romantic and bought it for the kareshi. Actually is ownself want to try wtf.







Sorry i was very amazed to i took a lot of pictures!!!


Then i took one bite…


It was white inside!!!!!! emp2


Anyway i thought it just look quite pretty and probably taste quite bland or sour like hell. BUT NO it was one of the sweetest strawberries i’ve ever tried!! emp2

Give it a try when you come across it! <3


A sakura tree outside our house, one of the pinkest i’ve seen.



There’s also this tree near our place that have the most perfect roses (after that Xiaxue pointed out that it is camelia) ever!



So pretty it’s unreal emp2



And also many other pink sakura trees.




A few days later, i had a Hanami (sakura viewing) date with Hena, my Korean model during TGC coordinate showdown, at Shinjuku Gyoen.


It was one of the best sakura viewing spots around center Tokyo and here you can sit down and relax for hours and hours under pink cherry blossom <3



We bought bento at a departmental store nearby for picnic!



With Hena! It was a very very warm day too!







Ok run out of captions. You all man man xing shang ba.





Like a painting!


….. what bout a painter is painting a scenery that looks like a painting?






That’s all for my sakura date with Hena.




Another few days later.

When the kareshi was finally done with his work he had a day off for a proper date omg <3

So guess where did we go again?



Ueno Park, another famous sakura spot! Bobo took her wedding photo here!


There was still sakura to be seen but it was nearing the end, and most of the flowers started falling off. Also because it rained and there was typhoon earlier T___T.

I was sooooo in love with this whole sakura thing to the point that i was feeling anxious inside that they were going to end soon. It was like a fairy tale ending. And while i still could….



(Haha cute anot!!!!!)



There’s this sakura cat at Ueno park that became the center of attention of the whole park haha. He just chillax on the tree while hundreds of curious tourists took turn to snap a photo. I was one of them -_-



In Ueno park it’s full ass picnic! People brought cooking utensil, tables and chairs. And i also heard got people camp overnight to chup a good spot -_-



Their garbage bin.

The only things left on the roadside were sakura petals.



Theme park in Ueno.



A proper date!!! <3

I love love love picnic in Japan!!! (Or other countries la because you can never do it in Malaysia cuz got worms and shit and mosquitoes and snatch theieves T__T)










Best date ever!!!!!





Another few days later…





It was the end of sakura season, you could see tiny little greens sprouting out from among the pink, and the roads were full of fallen petals.

The mood sort of cooled down a little, it was less festive and it’s also getting warmer.

To be honest i felt a little sad inside. Like, oh no, i want to be surrounded by all these pinkness forever!!


I kept wondering why  i feel so different in Japan. Like so… emotional! (In a good way!)

Then i realized it is something that you will only understand when you are there.

I want to live in a country with four seasons.

I grew up in Malaysia all my life, i have never studied or stay overseas before, and i never understood this until now.

Back home, everything is the same. The same trees, the same colors, the same weather. We never have to worry about umbrellas, or suddenly getting too cold or too hot (except walking in an out of a shopping mall -_-).

“What a sunny day, eh?”

(If you use the weather as an ice breaker to a stranger he/she will think you are crazy. Or a robber wtf.)

But i have seen Japan in January, Feb, March, April, May and June this year. Although i don’t stay there, but i go back often enough to experience the climate of half a year.

Every time i go back it’s an entirely different kind of feel.

I touched the snow. I saw ice melt. I witnessed flower buds popping out. I beheld breathtaking sakura full bloom. Then i saw them shrivel and fall off. And then it turned all green.

I saw the seasons change. It is the kind of 感動 i can never feel back home.

And i just marvel at how wonderful mother nature is.

Especially sakura trees. They are like a ninja fairy wtf. Normally they are just goddamn 不起眼的 ordinary trees you wouldn’t even look at twice. But then suddenly they just got dressed all PINK comes April and you’re all like OMG YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!

It may sound very silly to those of you who already live in a temperate country, most of the them will tell me they would rather live in Malaysia because it’s fucking cold in winter and it’s fucking hot in summer etc. I understand! But i learned that if you never see and feel the change of nature and life, you will never learn to appreciate it as much.


Which is why we have to wait one whole year to see sakura fully blossom for merely one week top, but that’s what makes it so special and magical. And the wait is so worth it.






51 responses to “Sakura and all things pink”

  1. Meghan says:

    omg, such a pretty post! So much pink, I love it!! I kind of understand what you mean about wanting to live in a place with four seasons. Here in Texas it’s pretty hot most of the year. We have summer and then we have the shortest winter period. But we just don’t get that bone-chilling 3 months of winter like other places. And I’ve always wanted that — the cold weather, the warm fires, seeing people in beautiful long warm coats, and the bright white snow. haha, ok I stop now before I go on super long rant. Anyways, nice post! I love reading about your trips to Japan. Makes me want to go more and more every time I see these pretty pictures

  2. michelle says: this pink blog post O(∩_∩)O

  3. Jo says:

    i felt like crying after i read this, wtf. But i understand entirely how you feel about going from a tropical to temperate climate and enjoying the awesomeness and beauty of nature.

    Snow, autumn and the rate at which flowers and leaves grow in spring never fail to amaze me year after year. Can’t wait to see sakura for myself!

  4. Reiko says:

    OMG I kinda felt 1% of your feelings seeing all these changes of season at Japan.
    I think I will tear as well if I get to see sakura, by myself, at Japan, in real life.

    (Haha so many chinese words you remind me of QiuQiu’s writing XD )

  5. ana baltazar says:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts Cheesie! Even though they can be quite long..but i don’t even notice that its long while reading because i enjoy it so much! I want to go to Japan now so badly..hmp! I am an ESL teacher to Japanese students, and i always got intrigued by my students’ culture and country. Take care Cheesie! And thank you for making a lot of people happy 😀

  6. torukogyaru says:

    I went to Japan but it was last summer and no sakura of course 🙁 🙁 😥 but still your posts about Japan make me feel good, thank you 🙂 AND I love your lace shoes *-*

  7. L says:

    Oh, I’d love to go to Japan in spring. So pretty!

  8. melody says:

    LOVE THE PINKYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its like a whole new pink world!!!!!!
    super super super pretty!!!!!!!!!
    and you are extremely pretty in every single picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. so pretty! love your picturessss

    and your caption OMG, i laughed so much when I read this

    ‘And then i 走火入魔 and started thinking i was in heaven wtf’

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA 走火入魔! you are so funny. :mrgreen:

    love the pictures and i wish i can go to Japan during the sakure full bloom! so nice that u and your lover boy can go sakura dating. hehehehee

  10. Yvonne says:

    Girlie, enjoy yourself as much as possible. When I was your age, I had privileges to travel around the world but darn, there wasn’t internet thingeys yet then. For now, I can afford to travel, but the energy level and needs are different. Travel as much during your 20s if you can afford it, becuz travelling will be different when you reach your 30s and so on. How I wished I have the energy like I used to and also internet were available during those times. For now, travelling to me is no longer about places, is more of the company who travels with me. Even going to any places are fun as long the company is good. Going to KL is also fun if the company is right. Have fun, girlie.;-)

  11. Fion says:

    OMG!!!! i feel so touched reading this…feel like crying in the middle of the night (it’s 1.30am now, im still reading ur blog, die-hard fan of CHEESIE <3 <3 hehe) u really sum up everything well.

    after reading doraemon for so many years, finally i know how "赏樱花" means already!!

    so happy for you <3 <3 <3

  12. Jess says:

    You’re right, that was really pretty. I think there is a park in an urban area people like to flock to in these parts, with similar flowers. I love seeing the tulip trees bloom in spring (a type of magnolia). Autumn can also be quite attractive. Winter used to be fun when we had snow days, but now global warming is decreasing the amount of snow we get, so it’s just…frigid, and bare during the winter. Kinda depressing, especially if you have seasonal affect disorder. Shorter days doesn’t really help either. The great thing about this time period is that it’s easier for many people to travel to different places with different climates, without taking up permanent residence. I’d like to move somewhere warmer myself; I just love the foliage of warmer climates, and more time for local produce. My favorite photos are 7, 22, 24, 25, 33, 34, 37, 39, though the caption for 43 was funny.

  13. Bubbles says:

    Zomg..I was at Ueno Park on the same day!! Took pics of the same neko (with the two balloons up in the tree) and the same garbage bin! Hahaha…nice pics!

  14. Nikki says:

    hena is crazy gorgeous la! everything is too pretty it looks straight out of an anime! so peaceful!

  15. Anh says:

    OMG!! I have the picture almost just like your 1st pic as my background :O
    Nice nails and dog!!
    and I love pink,too!! my name lol

    Trends I Love
    Easy Heatless Curls
    I appreciate your feedbacks 🙂 if you like, follow !

  16. Huong says:

    Loveee all the pictures!

    I haven’t been to Japan before but I wish I had. I went to Korea recently and I could’ve just conveniently went Japan too. Too bad.

    Interesting strawberry. Never seen it like that before.

  17. Annyeong says:

    soooooo pretty!

    😮 ur skinny n pretty, i wish i was like u T-T
    btw. does anyone what breed is the “sakura dog” (no. #14)?

    • Rosa says:

      Looks like a Maltese Poodle. It must be very well taken care of because it looks so cute and extremely clean, which is hard to maintain with a white dog.

  18. Tegan says:

    I get 100% what you mean by wanting to see seasons. I live in Phoenix in the United States and we are hot, hot, hot all year around. No snow, hardly any rain (a few days out of the year, and never for more than a few hours), and most days are cloudless. Seeing weather is always a shock and amazing.

  19. Good site you have here.. It’s hard to find high quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  20. Chloe says:

    dear i love your blue jacket.. where do you get it from?

  21. Qistina says:

    So pretty!!!! 😀 Wanna go to Japan nao

  22. gel says:

    I got that same feeling too here in Korea. Sakura is so pretty and it only lasts slightly more than a month.. but it makes you cherish things a lot because you don’t always get to see them all year round. But then after the sakura, other flowers start blooming… and wilting… and the scenery keeps changing all the time that it’s sooooo beautiful!!

  23. Jessmin says:

    So i’ve read your blog for a pretty long time and it’s the first time i’ve ever commented because this post really struck a chord with me. I’ve been to quite a few countries since I was a kid – most of Europe, Africa, America, Asia etc but only Japan makes me feel the way that you felt in this post. Whenever i touch down in Japan, I feel like I’ve entered a different world that’s new, exciting and so very foreign. I don’t think it’s just the temperate climate and four seasons. For me, it’s also about the vastly different culture, the language, traditions, people and of course, I think the seasons play a part too. I love japan and sometimes I think that I would like to live in Japan for some time but somehow, I think actually living there might destroy some of that magic for me. XD

  24. says:

    i read your post while listening to Sleeping At Last – turning Page and I just melts..

    I wanna see sakura! i wanna touch sakura!!!! >.<

  25. says:

    forgot to mention, i acutally like the reflection photos ^^ and i want sweet strawberries!! >.<~ the cameron ones r sour =/

  26. kellylarsson says:

    Hi !!!!!! u have a really nice blog !!!! Actually i found your blog thru my sister i like to read your post and see your pretty pictures !!!!! it makes me miss japan so much !!!!! what a lovely country !!!!!
    I have pineberry plant in my garden !!!!they r lovely n tasty !!!!! 😛
    xoxo kelly

  27. meitzeu says:

    I miss UK. When I read what u write here, I think of myself./

  28. hui wen says:

    Prettiest blogpost everrr!! <3 <3 <3

  29. Mei says:

    Hey cheesie, may I know what brand of concealer do you use?

  30. Plum says:

    The Sakura is so friggin leng! Really want to see it in ‘real life’ before I die! And why can’t we get such yummy bentos here in the UK?! >__< *sob

  31. Rosa says:

    In South Africa it’s now the middle of winter and you are making me wish for spring even though I still have to get through my birthday (and presents)! I understand what you mean about the seasonality- I lived at the coast where it was hot all the time, but I’ve been living in the interior for a long time now where there’s great differences in the seasons and it is really beautiful. In my city, instead of the pink of sakura we get the purple and lilac of jacarandas- seeing a whole city look like that is awesome and you really appreciate the flowers and life because they are so fleeting yet there is still the promise that they will return next year. Can’t wait to see japanese sakura one day though.

  32. KY says:

    hana with hena!

  33. Joey Y says:

    SO……… BEAUTIFUL!! I feel you Cheesie! :’) I wish I could witness it with my own eyes too!

  34. VV says:

    The strawberries, flowers and the cat is ♥!!!

    U make me wanna go picnic too!! hahaha.

  35. ゆきえ says:


    私も4月桜見に日本へ行きました!本当にキレイですよね o(>~<)o
    上野公園も行ってきたよ~ん そこでチージーちゃんに会えたら最高だな。。笑

  36. Joyce says:

    Pink overload! 😆 I want to visit Japan someday! The sakuras are so pretty and you are gorgeous as always Cheesie 🙂

    P.S: the cat…like a boss hahaha 😉

  37. raine says:

    this post is wonderful, i hope i can go to japan someday. My cousins and i are already saving up our money so we can see sakura too. 🙂

    anyway, you look so pretty (as always) and hena too. and that sakura dog is really cute! 🙂

  38. Phie says:

    Cheesie please ask emoda to cm sg!):

  39. Leanne says:

    Aww, I used to go to Japan every year for sakura..but missed this year! I also went to Meguro last November when I was there…and loved walking by the river…even without the pink blossoms everywhere. Yes, I’m hoping to get back next March/April too 🙂

  40. cat turd says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  41. cat turd says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  47. Kerker says:

    Cherry blossoms are so pretty! One day I would love to go to Japan.

  48. Momoko says:

    Wow @.@ After read all, I love your blog <3nSo cute and So pink.nGambatte ne (^.^)

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