A lot of my readers have asked me about shopping in Japan, but for people who doesn’t have the chance to visit Japan yet, this is a blog about Japan shopping, IN KL! 😀

It is to provide an experience like you are in Japan without going to Japan hehehe.

The shopping theme is FOOD.

I’m giving myself a budget of RM200, to shop at 5 different places for food-themed Japanese items!


1. Bento

I love bentos! One of the things i love to do the most is to just grab one and go to the nearest park for picnic.


Price: RM30+

If you love value for money, go after 8PM as all the fresh food is on discount!

This sashimi don was originally RM20+, but only RM18 after 8PM!


2. Rice Toppings 


Price: RM27+RM8

Many people asked me where to buy mentaiko in Malaysia! Now you know :D. I always buy mentako and natto for the simplest yet the yummiest meal: top it on hot steaming white rice, and eat it the Japanese way! 😀


 3. Kyaraben Cook Book

Kyaraben = Character Bento

Japanese moms super spoil market and always makes the cutest bento for their children. If you want to do the same but have no idea where to start, get a cook book! (In Japanese but the illustration should give you good enough idea)


Place: Kinokuniya

Price: RM37.70


4. Kyaraben Tools

Place: Daiso

Price: RM40

Daiso sells everything!!! You can get egg moulds, seaweed cutter and onigiri moulds all at Daiso! With all these you are suddenly a kyaraben expert hahaha



4. Japanese Chocolate




Place: Tropicana City Mall

Price: RM40+

Want to pretend like you just come back from Japan? Buy Japanese souvenir for your friends in KL! I love Royce chocolate potato chips, because for people who have not tried it they will be like wtf, and it’s also very yummy!



A yummy and cute Japanese food experience

Total: RM190


Mission completed! Less than RM200 for 5 shopping trips!

So each time i spend averagely about RM30-RM50.


And i bought all these items with my RHB Debit Cash-Connect MasterCard!

I love debit cards! First of all it is the best way to control your spending, do not spend more than you can afford, that’s really one of the most important value i hold on to.

And it’s also extremely convenient, you can use it anywhere and anytime! (except express lane at the cashier, mind you, because they are mostly cash-only).

The better news is, while you spend, there will also be a 0.5% unlimited cash back! Means you are actually earning money will spending 😀 😀


And lastly, RHB is now running a contest for debit cards, and all you have to do is enter, spend a minimum of RM30 and you are automatically in for the contest!


a.       1x Nissan Almera 1.5 E (A)

b.      1x Honda CBR250R Mugen

c.       3x iPhone 5 (16GB)

d.      5x Mini iPads (16GB)


This is so far the easiest contest that gives out the best prizes!!!

Go and get yourself a RHB Debit Cash Connect Mastercard at your nearest RHB branch!