I have already blogged about it two times (first and second blog post), and i guess there’s not much you haven’t known about Sharp Plasmacluster yet!

(Unless you didn’t do the 5 minutes googling i asked you to.)

Ever since the first workshop, i have been an avid supporter of Sharp, and so they have invited me to be featured on Bella ntv7 on their segment for Sharp Plasmacluster!

So of course i said yes because i think more people need to know about this cool technology!

Anyway, since i blogged about it,  number76 has told me that they sold quite a few units because my readers went and purchase it (i mean, who wouldn’t want one after a seeing with their own eyes on their own hair how effective it is!), they are also readers who tweeted and posted about the hair dryer!


I’m very very happy when my readers love the products i recommend! 😀

(I didn’t force them to buy hor lolol)



My hair update!

A month ago i dyed my hair pink for sakura season!!

At first it was all super refreshing and novel and special.

But then after just two weeks i got super bored of it -_-.

The main reason is that it so so damn hard to match all the outfits. Crazy color is simply not for everyone. So i have decided to remove the pink.


Used shampoo bleach to remove the coloring, but this is not the final result yet. Before my honeymoon i will ask Amy to give me a pretty and natural color! 😀


The hair quality is still quite amazing, thanks to a combination of important factors: good stylist, good hair dye, and good everyday home-care.

Which is Sharp Plasmacluster la! 😀 😀

Still very soft and smooth after all the chemical processes.

Go to number76 to try out the Sharp Plasmacluster dryers! 😀


Mini Plasmacluster Air Purifier

So i introduced the mini air purifier in my previous post.

And i have been bringing it everywhere!

This is in the plane, on the way to Japan hahaha. But it is so small though, the danna and i literally have to fight for air to breathe lolol.

He should just get himself one and stop stealing my air



Bella TV

Okay so i agreed to do the interview with Bella TV!

The host was Daphne Iking, which my spellcheck keeps calling Dapne Icing. :X

She is very bubbly and funny! I thought all the famous hosts are quite scary and intimidating one hahahaa.

It was LIVE!

That’s Mr Faizal doing a live demo to the audience on the ion count in the air.


I look totally zonked out because i was staring at myself on the TV the whole time LOLOLOL * narcissistic*

So Daphne asked me about my blog, my daily hair care, whether i am convinced by the technology and so on! It was a short one but everything went smoothly! (Including my hair. HAAHHAHHA)


The next product i’m eyeing is this:

Airconditioning is very expensive so i needed a cool standing fan in our room!


Not only it has all the same functions as other Plasmacluster products, this fan doesn’t dry your skin BUT it has skin beautifying effects!!!

They have done tests on women who sleeps in a Plasmaclustered room, and their skin moisture level is much higher so you are becoming prettier while you sleep. I bet Princess Aurora wished she had this.


That’s all! You can purchase the Sharp Plasmacluster products in major home appliances store, and the hair dryer at number76! 😀