January 25, 2011 in Bon Cheesepetit / Italy

Will deal with Pray and Love later. And Weight Loss.

Eat was all i want in Italy. Wise is Elizabeth Gilbert.



After trying prawns in Venice, i’m starting to suspect that there’s something fishy behind the rock of the whole prawn business in Malaysia. All Cheat One.

One bite and i was like “bloody hell this is how prawns are supposed to taste like?????????????? I feel cheated for my whole life FML!!!”



Mantis prawns and other seafood!



Squid Ink pasta



Seafood Risotto



Went to the morning fish market omg so much fresh seafood some of them are still wiggling one wtf.






Super cute wine bottle <3

In Italy they make you drink as early as 10am all the way till you pass out.



More seafood antipasti!



Scampi pasta



This is the famous Venice specialty i forgot the name already! Some cod paste with corn cake wtf we ate this thing 5 days in a row.



Squid with erm… it’s own ink.



My fish and seafood! FML i forgot most of the name of the dishes in this blog post wtf it will just be some generic caption la like, you know, fish risotto, prawn pasta, etc. *leaves room for imagination wtf



So here you go. Fish risotto.



Wild Boar fillet.



Assorted seafood antipasti ok this is getting repetitive.



Some Cheat One fried dough in prawn shape for breakfast!



Omg this is my fav thing in Italy! The Tramezzini thing! it’s basically just a sandwich pocket with super a lot of different types of yummy fillings! I can eat this everyday! And so cheap!!!



I think this is egg and tomato



Prosciutto (ham) and egg



Spinach and egg. Ok i obviously love eggs wtf.



Some other ham with some other name i forgot but omg it’s so good



Breakfast for me was always a Hot Cioccolatta and a sandwich.

OMG the hot choc here is not hot choc i tell you. It’s melted chocolate blocks wtf. it’s so thick you almost have to chew it wtf.



Breakfast bar! Strange lo Italians don’t do breakfast one. They just go to a shop and order an espresso and drink on the bar the go off wtf.



Pizza time!



Tomat0 Gnocchi



Some shell pasta with shrimps!



Grilled fish



Mushroom fettucine



Clam Linguini



Pizza with prosciutto!



Fruit & Ice cream!



In Harry’s Bar in Venice that’s Peach belini that costs 15 euro a glass. And whacked all the free olives cuz oredi paid so much T_T



Massive Pizza



Pastry for Venetian Carnival!



Dessert time



I feel fat just looking at them T_T





Marzipan in all sort of cute different shapes.



That’s Fragolini–Mini Strawbie so cuteeeeee



Guess what is this!!!



It’s the coolest chocolate i’ve ever seen!



And cheese chocolate!!!!! <3



Errr… fish chocolate.



Omg i love all these colorful pasta <3333



Rainbow pasta!!!!!

I bought tons of these, i have decided that these are my Birthday Pasta. Feel so happy just staring at the colors.



Penis pasta, anyone?


Time to suppress your appetite a little.

Let me show you the Naked Bunny. Sounds kinky and naughty.








This is how a naked bunny look like F the Rabbit’s L.


88 responses to “Eat.”

  1. Adeline chua says:

    OMG the bunny sure suppressed my appetite,ALOT. :S

  2. aud says:

    i am a person who craves human connection. don’t like this post cos no your face!

    best picture is #34

  3. Nicole Chang says:

    Man… The food is nice.. But the last picture, poor little rabbit.. 🙁 😳

  4. Faith says:

    I dream of going to Italy, and now seeing all the delicious food they have, I have an even bigger incentive to go! <3

  5. renae says:

    omg its a ..bunny?>< I am soo happy and hungry seeing all the pics all above and then when i saw this bunny i lost appetite ady 🙁 TT

  6. sue says:

    OMG..I LOVE the colorful pasta!!!

  7. Huai Bin says:

    The Tramezzini is pretty affordable by European standards! Hell, even by our standards. Nice find! 🙂

    Love all the seafood in Italy!

  8. ashley says:

    lol pic #37 got lotsa boobs wtf

    poor bunny T______T

  9. melody says:

    Yayyyyyy!!!!!!! U blogged!!!!! 🙂
    I like the rainbow bday pasta!!!!!
    Why sooooo prettyyyyyyyy oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    Happy happy happyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
    All soooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyy

  10. Mei Tzeu says:

    Yucks! The naked bunny was horrible!!!

    And other food was superb! The dessert and pastries… Oh my!

  11. Alicia Blogs says:

    So much great looking food 😯 Except the bunny, that’s just sad 🙁 Say no to bunnies!! Looks like you’re having a great time! So jealous, I can’t wait to go to Italy. I’m a total fail, since I’m Italian but never been there 🙁

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Danielle Leong, cheesie. cheesie said: DONE. 47 pictures of pure nonmess. except the last one maybe. […]

  13. Joanne says:

    omg it looks SO GOOD! i shall try all of them when im in italy!! cant wait!

  14. June says:

    It seems that your Venezia days were much better than mine. T__T

    I think you can make those Tramezzinis with a special “Un-crustler” (a thing to cut off the crust around the bread). I read on a blog, that you can buy them in Japan. Just as an idea if you are in Japan again.

    On this blog (unfortunately in german) it shows how to use it: Click!

  15. kimberlycun says:

    i need u to get fat, and then i will stop hating u

  16. Anna Crystal says:

    You’re killing me with this overload of amazing food….. lol

  17. Adrina says:

    OH MY GAH this post got a lot foods wei 😯 ! bring me go Italy next time even though you don’t know me 😥 lol jkjk 😀 and the bunny is 😯 wow so naked 😯

  18. gel says:

    Wahh I was feeling so happy looking at all the food photos.. then suddenly the last one was so 😳

  19. Lunaria says:

    And i live in Italy when i don’t like italian cuisine much FML.thank god i can eat as much gelato i like,at least XD

  20. Charis says:

    Omg everything looks so yummy!! Except maybe the squid in it’s own ink yuck. The ribbon pasta is cute too! Am curious to find out how it’ll taste and look when it’s cooked lol.

  21. jolene says:

    you’ve got most of my favourite food here..

  22. David says:


    Any more pictures of all that yummy food and I will have to have a strong adult beverage!

    Now how about more pics of the lovely Cheesie!

  23. Jodie says:

    sidfojsfsduifj must fly there now

  24. dee says:

    seafood risotto is my fav!!! u should limoncello (it’s this liquor mixed drink thingy), it’s sooo yummmmmy :D. i’m not sure if its seasonal and if u can find it in only some parts of italy, cause i was in venice for only a day when i was there, but it’s very popular 😀 thanks for the yummy pics and have fun on the rest of ur trip!

  25. Alexandra says:

    Waaaah, now I wanna go to Italy and eat everything there! Cheesie, you gonna be food blogger now? 😀

  26. fiionx says:

    zomg! by the pictures i already feel im gaining weight!! LOL!
    Rainbow pasta is very the cuteeee!!!

    Pity lil bunny 🙁 samore still got head and eyeballs >< .

  27. Glo-w says:

    Lols, the squid suirted its self 😛 y no cheesie?! Anyways the food there are all so pretty~ but are all of them yummy?

  28. I bet you did not gain a single pound at all!

  29. I think the ‘corn cake’ is call polenta right? Everywhere in Venezia but I dun like it that much. I gain so much weight after back from Venezia two weeks ago, but why you remain slim one???

  30. sk says:

    #40 wow, i really don’t mind getting these rusty tools as a gift!

  31. MimieJay says:

    I gained 3 Kg looking at the pictures…then lost it all at the last picture! Thanks for posting that one..loss the appetite for lunch. LOL

  32. KY says:

    raw squid is called.. fresh pork?

  33. Michelle says:

    you make me want to go to venice too!

  34. Alice says:

    Hi Cheesie may I know what camera you are currently using? Ur photos look great! PS. did you touch them up?

  35. Aileen says:

    OMG~ Your post is just make people wipe off saliva one… 😥

  36. Belly B says:

    omggggg I’ve never wanted to have the power to reach into screens and pull out something real this much in my life. Literally having to swallow my saliva before it floods out. I want authentic pasta!!!

  37. Ben McC says:

    Wow, Italy looks good. I feel fat just reading your blog.

  38. Alice says:

    u make me hungry!!!!!! 😯

  39. Mindy says:

    The hell with weight….lets get fat 😀 lurve lurve lurve the delish chocolate and hugeass pizza. Eh, d squid ink pasta look disgusting like worms leh.

  40. NewYorker says:

    Your photos are great!! Do you usually photoshop them? May I know what brand and model of your camera is?

    I consider getting a new camera for myself.

  41. Ginny says:

    naked bunny~!!!

    I can see it’s eyeballs.. 🙁

  42. justine says:

    wtf i’m tortured now. this post makes me hungry and it’s 4am now 😥 😥 😥

  43. steph says:

    major drools~
    so gross ^ lol

  44. WP says:

    You’re making me hungry!! -_-

  45. yan says:

    I heard their espresso is very thick too! Like it can be dilute into 10 more cups of it.

  46. Angie says:

    Ur photo so nice!!! 😈
    Make me wanna go Italy immediately

  47. Sarah says:

    Wow i was planing to write “oh my god i’m super hungry…..” til i came to the last photo yack poor bunnies!!!

  48. Ashleyteng says:

    hi cheesie,
    i’m actually quite new in ur blog but i really wonder how u keep your body so slim when u are actually eating so much of food hehe

  49. Nora says:

    I just find out your blog 😳 too bad cause i live so close to Venezia i could guide you!
    That’s cool you enjoyned your stay in here btw #10 plate is Polenta! ^-^

  50. Nonna says:

    Poor bunny!

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