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I missed their 2013 AW because i was away for honeymoon, but this time i made sure that i wasn’t gonna miss their 2014 Spring and Summer collection!

I haven’t been back to Japan for a while, and i had no idea what kind of theme it was for 2014 SS, but when received the invitation card, i got a shock.



I was super happy cuz all these while everyone had an impression that MODE fashion is all boring dull black monotone color. Apparently this time i made it super sweet.


Even happier because i had matching nails! I just wanted a more spring-y feel so i went for pink, but Houndstooth print since it was actually still autumn haha. Matched teh theme perfectly!

This was my EMODA touchMe coordinate. Laced cropped top, high-waisted light denim jeggings, white sabo, white rucksack and bijou necklace.

And as usual i had my hair done in 76 Omotesando by Dejima san.

New treatment was soooo goood!


Arrived at the event hall!

This time RinRin and Emi also came to support the show.


With Tricia.


EMODA designer and staff.

Also met Nanba Saki again.



And it was show time!

The hall was full as usual, you can spot famous models and fashionistas around.

Unfortunately Ena was not able to attend her very important show, because…

She was giving birth that day.

I was told after the show that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl just 20 minutes before the show start. How amazing is that!!! Both her precious babies (EMODA and her little new girl.)

Nonetheless, i was blown away by the show.

I didn’t take many photos because i wanted to sit down and enjoy it.

The theme for 2014 Spring & Summer was


EMODA uses a lot of pinup inspirations including cat eye make up, perfectly coiffed hair and curled bangs, pearls and sunhats for that Parisian retro chic.

Floral, baby pink gingham matching items were the main numbers in the collection.

Baby pink gingham top to toe.

Fruit prints and tattoed socks are another major trend for EMODA.


Matching hair brands, and matching many other items.


I must say that it was one of my favorite collection so far!!! Autumn and Winter had always been kind of stadard and predictable, but comes Spring/Summer and you have a whole box of surprises to unveil.

You can view the entire collection in this video:



As usual, AFTER PARTY time!

The previous parties were always held in Sound Museum Vision, but this time around it was bigger and more awesome.

EMODA has its own private party at Shoto Gallery, Shibuya. In that 3-storey building, there was the display lounge area.

Signature pieces from the new collection.

I’m already madly in love with each pieces and i wanna wear them NAO NAO NAO NAO!!!


Matching fruit prints is just maximum adorbs!


With Kei the photographer.


On the second floor, there’s the VIP area, where you get to snap lots of cute pictures with the Pinup displays, as well as enjoy an array of really, really good dessert.

With Ange who was perfectly pin-up madeover.

Pink and props and EMODA shop staff.


Was fun!!

Me. Already tipsy from all the cute pinkness lolol.

Nao chan in her pink gingham.


Rina who works in 109. Every time i go for shopping we would talk about Nagasaki (she’s from Nagasaki!) until the other shop staff said why don’t you two just go for a tea break lolol.


Nao at the dessert counter.

I had no idea what flavor this macaron was (salted caramel?) but it was SO GOOD. I think i popped like three.

And chocolates.

109 shop staff popo.


And also, the third floor was the dance floor, and of course, there was a famous DJ line-up.

Including Asano Tadanobu (famous actor in Japan!!!)

And of course…

God Nakata Yasutaka. But i couldn’t stay until his turn (2am) cuz i had an early flight to catch the very next morning. But anyway, just when i thought i wasn’t fated to see him, i bumped right into him at the entrance the moment i was leaving. And we talked. @_@ But that’s another story lol.

Anyway, it was a super fun night!

You can go to EMODA GLOBAL on Facebook to find out more about the brand and the event.



Are you a big fan of EMODA, and wish that maybe, one day, you will visit EMODA touchMe collection and meet lots of awesome people?

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