It almost pains me how ridiculously fast and forward Japanese fashion is. My A/W order from EMODA haven’t even arrived and they are now having Spring Summer 2013 fashion show.

Months before this Ena have told me that the new SS collection would be vivid and pop! I now finally get to see it! ^^

Right after NewYork i flew straight to Tokyo to visit EMODA touchMe fashion show! QiuQiu was also there!


The first night we rushed over to EMODA Shibuya 109 to shop for our touchMe coordinate. That’s our straight-out-of-flight look lol.

Spring summer is cool and light so despite the cold weather i picked something sheer yet classy!


Fixing my hair at NALU salon Omotesando.



Hair make done!



In the taxi with Qiu to the event.


Love this picture with her!



Outside the event hall.

Full body coordinate from EMODA. Top, skirt, leggings, belt, clutch, shoes and earrings. <3



Our invitation.




Attending fashion shows in Japan is one of my favorite things to do in the world. 100% of the people look absolutely stunning sometimes you can hardly tell if they are the guests or super star.

And we are absolutely honored to be attending one of the most popular fashion shows in Japan. Plus we got…

Front. Row. Seat.

In the middle.


With our names printed on a sheet.

(other VIP seats just said “reserved”. We are not “reserved”. We are Chu-Chu and Chi-Ji. In Japanese. lolol)


I nervously looked around and was like holy shit because there are sooooo many famous people in the same hall with us. 

I then found out that to my left side are fashion models including my favorite ex Popteen model Izuoka Misaki.

On my right is super famous pop singer Aoyama Thelma.

Qiu and i probably have never felt so VIP in our entire lives. I mean, how often do you get arranged to sit next to Beyonce?! (that’s the Japanese equivalent of Aoyama Thelma for me lol)


Qiu and i had to clam overselves down and be like, Ok, maintain, maintain…


And the show started!!

Theme: Art Lady


The runway starts off with vivid hot pink and lots of clear material and graffiti print. I have rarely seen EMODA so color before so it’s really refreshing!



And the pink series remained my favorite of the entire SS collection.



This time EMODA also plays with a lot of bold colors and the accessories are unusually pop and vivid. The key trend is same color coordinates!



And the matching cropped top and skirt sets are just irrisistably adorable! <3



Second half of the show is classic monotone. All the models are sporting blonde hair in a high ponytail that swings from side to side almost synchronized with the electro music it’s AWESOME.



The monochromatic blocks are just so super EMODA i love all of them!


A collage i did taken with my iPhone. Not bad huh!


After the event with EMODA guests!

I spotted many fashion models from ViVi, Nuts, BLENDA…


Sorry for the blurry noisy pic but it’s Maiko-sensei!! A die-hard supporter of EMODA. I see her at every show and events!

And i have her to thank because she and Lie-chan practically changed my life !! (although much to Xiaxue’s dismay lol)


Izuoka Misaki chan, now goes by the name IZU. We got to know each other on a Japanese fashion app, and it’s nice to meet her in real life!



Pic taken by Qiu.

Misako also went through a transformation, from the super kawaii Popteen style to now mode, i really think she looks so much more sophisticated and Kakkoi now! <3



This is my buay paiseh asked one!

Aoyama Thelma!!! I listened to her songs years ago and i read about her on ENA’s blog too, just didn’t know i would meet her in real life too! All these famous people are so supportive for the brands they like! <3

And she is super super super skinny O.O



Photography for official EMODA press.



Was my dream to one day stad against a backdrop like this lol.




Me and producer, who spared her super precious 10 minutes just to take photo with me and Qiu before rushing back in. When she saw us she high-fived us with a loud YAY! I think that’s she’s really happy the show is amazing and successful end getting endless praises from everyone <3

Love her SO MUCH!


(taken with iPhone , you can see how Qiu edited us differently lolol)



Qiu and ENA.



The next day we were also invited to their EMODA touchMe party at Vision, Shibuya. We arrived late after a double date dinner and was appalled to see that the queue was like 500m long WTF.

And everyone was in costumes cuz it was Halloween! We briefly wondered if we should give up, but Takuma from EMODA came out and brought us, cut queue and went right into the VIP room.

Couldn’t be more thankful <3 *happy tears*


Qiu and i in mild Halloween getup.



Blur picture of me and Nagamine Mina, EMODA’s designer.



Nao, ENA, Chi-ji






That’s all!!


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