Shortly after the previous blog post on Tep Wireless, the company made several attempts to contact me, even asked for my phone number so they could call me to resolve the problem ASAP (when in fact nobody seems to ever be around their hotline/help desk during my desperate international call attempts.)

So i think it is my responsibility to blog about the follow-up after the incident, since you guys played a part in this too!!

Here’s the last few email exchanges made.



I told them no, i’d prefer email conversations. 

And then they replied in attempt to explain what actually happened.



I was furious.

My reply:

Seriously, at this point i wasn’t even concern about whether they are seriously gonna pay me back or not. 

I was more determined to bump my blog post up to Google search top page so that everyone could know about this.



They replied and pretended that *i* have misunderstood their meaning of a “full refund”. 

The international bank transfer had some problem, but i gave them my Paypal account, and soon enough they refunded me to my Paypal account fully. All of my money.



And 1.91 pound extra. I don’t know what’s that for. I can only assume it’s for me to buy some xanax.


Obviously they read my blog post, and they also left a comment, as below:


I was quite surprised by their move, as they didn’t even seem to care one single bit when i warned them earlier that i was gonna tell the public about it if i still don’t get a reply.

Anyway, i gave them credit for that. My initial thought was that they were gonna refund me and threaten/beg me to take down my blog post . (If that happens, i was gonna promise them i will take down my post immediately, and then never do. THAT, is how you break a promise, y’all. The Tep Wireless way.) So yea that was quite unexpected, and for a very very brief moment i felt a little bad about the blog post.


I felt more saddened than anything else.

If i was just a normal person with no powerful social media channels to vent my frustration, i would, i’m 100000% sure, never ever get my money back.


I only got my money back because i became nasty.

(and with all my supportive readers turned into nasty badassess too.)

That was sad.

And what a joke! I write positive reviews for a living. And this is the first ever time in my life i received money from writing scandalous shitty stuff about a company. I am not proud of this and i must remind myself never to misuse the power of my blog for gains like this, even though this was what belonged to me in the first place.

It was against all policies i wished to adopt, which is to be nice to everyone, and in return people will be nice to you. Obviously being too nice and meek gets you nowhere.

Imagine how many helpless customers there are out there who had the same (or worse) experience as me, but never ever did get their deserved compensation back just because they didn’t have a voice as big as this?

Therefore this blog post will remain here. And those whose problems are still unresolved, you can leave a comment here. I hope Tep Wireless sincerely look into any single issue raised by all other customers and give them what they deserve.

Until every single Tep Wireless customer is satisfied and happy, this blog post remains in the internet.

Consider this a lesson.

Be nice to your customer from the start. Not when they turn into a monster after you pissed them all over.


That’s all.


Lastly, i want to thank all of you who gave me support, and honestly without all your help i still wouldn’t be hearing anything from them at all. So THANK YOU.