Last post on Tokyo 2013! (Part Eat&Party is here!)

Drive along Roppongi and Tokyo Tower in #Tokyo2020 colors instead of the usual bright orange ♡

Roppongi illumination. Totally don’t mind being stuck in a jam cuz it was too pretty!! XD

A few days i just stayed home with myself wrapped in warm blankie on bed, chilling, eating half-price onigiri & vegetable juice,  and reading up maternity magazines XD

Super love maternity magazines in Japan, it makes pregnancy so fashionable with all the coordinate tips and cute illustration!


I received a lot of comments asking if eating sushi/raw fish is okay during pregnancy since they saw that i did. The general concern is that raw food potentially contains bacteria/parasites that could harm the fetus.

So far of all the materials and articles i read in Japan (and of all Japanese people i asked), such question doesn’t even exist.

(sorry this is in Japanese. Here’s an article regarding sushi-eating in English.)

The more appropriate question is, “which type of sushi can i eat and how often?

It’s only when the fish is not fresh in a dodgy sushi place that it becomes dangerous. Food safety level in Japan is so high it’s not even a question. (All Japanese eggs and milk are also pasteurized so it is the same for raw eggs and soft cheeses. The articles only advise to avoid raw eggs and soft cheese imported from overseas.)

So the concern here is actually the mercury level of the fish you consume. So there’s a chart of what kind of fish you are advised to eat and what is not recommendable, and how often you should eat it. So even if your fish is fully cooked, grilled, battered fried you should be concerned too. Hope that calms you all down! But of course if you stay outside Japan than maybe you should best avoid it altogether la. Also to the relief of your paranoid grandma/MIL. So thank you very much for your concern!

Also you receive a tag like this when you are pregnant (comes with the magazine, or when you go for your pre-natal check up, so means anyone can have it and yes potentially some people will abuse the use of it), so that the people around you will know and be more considerate (give seats to you on trains etc).

Hang it on your bag like this!


You can also ask for one in train stations!


On another day we went on Takoyaki date at Takoyaki Museum in Odaiba! ♡

We ate at least 30 takoyaki of different fillings lol.

Some of the weird things in Japan. Auto-vending machine for ramen and oden.

Stew flavored Gari-Gari Kun ice cream.


On Xmas day we went on Yakiniku date. No doubt Yakiniku has become the most favoriestestestest meal when i come to Japan.

And this shop is actually a Horumonyaki (innards) specialty store.

The scallopy thing you see here is actually cow offal, and it tastes maybe just 10000X more delicious than scallop itself lol.

And then Xmas cake celebration at home.

Another day!

Went Yakiniku again with 76 Omotesando staff XD XD XD

Yakiniku overload before i come back to KL XD

Dejima-san doing the grilling!


On teh last day the danna and i went dating at Harajuku, passed by Johnny’s shop and look at the line!

Then we had ramen for lunch.

And then walked to Meiji Shrine for prayers and to get a pregnancy charm, although i’ve already had one from Hakone but this one is pink!!!!!! And also Meiji Shrine is the power spot of Tokyo so all your wishes are likely to come true here too 😀

Super cute ♡


Hakata Amao!

Highly recommend you all to try out Japanese seasonal fruits, since most people only focus on main meals like ramen, sushi, Yakiniku etc. In winter you get the hugest strawberries and my fav is of course Hakata Amao which is ranked no.1 in the whole Japan hehe. Also try out apples in winter! In spring and summer you can get momo (peach) and cherries and melon!

Last meal before heading home was hamburg!

We flew on 31st Dec morning, and on that day the streets of Tokyo was so quiet, pretty much like KL during CNY!

Mentaiko buffet at the airport XD

I love airport food  in Narita<3

Coming back home!!

And also super love JAL’s udon!!! The name of it (Udon De Sky/Udon Desu Kai) is also a Japanese pun so i love it double XD


The onigiri we tapaoed and air-flown from Japan for New Year Eve party at a friend’s place!

And perfect ending to 2013.

Really really grateful that it has been such a good and happy year, and hope that 2014 is even more awesome for me and every one of you reading this!!! *sprinkles luck brought back from Japan* XD