Every year my birthday wish is to be able to spend the day in Japan under the sakura with the people i ♡. It came true 3 years in a row.

2012’s birthday

2013’s birthday

3 years i get to see sakura in full bloom too! So… hint for you!!! If you wanna see sakura, come to Tokyo on my birthday lolol.

This year is extra awesome, because since many people took the hint, the entire KL and Singapore is in Tokyo during my birthday! Haih so busy i need to clone myself liao lolol.

So this year it’s pretty much the same. Danna took a day off for our date! In 2012 it was to Okinawa where i sort of, kind of, not really got proposed wtf. Last year was to Sendai as a married couple.

This year’s birthday is the best yet. We stayed in Tokyo and went for hanami in full bloom.

It was a birthday date with baby and baby’s papa under many many many sakura trees (with occasional sakura petal shower).

Reading back my blog entry in 2012, i was freaked out by how shitlessly happy life could actually be. And it continued for 2 years. Except i’m quite literally shitlessly happy now (thanks to pregnancy constipation).

Sakura is still as beautiful as ever. Except that this year i got a camera upgrade so it’s even more awesome! 😀

Isn’t this crazy? I see it once a year, year after year and it still never ceases to amaze me.

Picnic under sakura trees.

Sakura dango.

Totally in an all-pink mood. For birthdays.


After hanami, we went to Akachan Honpo which is a huge baby shop! I never even thought about baby shopping (somehow the reality/maternal instinct whatever just never sets in!!) but i guess it is time to do something about it lol.

AHHHHHH we almost went crazy with the choices of just the stroller alone. Any recommendations?

One day.


In the evening RinRin came to Roppongi to celebrate my birthday!

She is really the sweetest. Reserved a cake, picked it up and carried all the way with her to come see me!!! And it’s the best cake ever!!!


Anyway the tragic thing was, 3 seconds after i took this picture, the cake slipped off the chair (we didn’t have a table so we put it on a curved chair) and totally smacked its face flat on the ground T_____T.

Liddis T___T


Floor cake. With mouse burying his face into cheese mash (冇眼睇).

But it was still the best cake ever.

Thank you so much.


At night still got 3rd round!!!

Qiu and her hubby were in town so we had a double date! Brought her to my favorite Okinawan restaurant in Shibuya.

Really very very happy all my fav people are in Tokyo as if they came all the way to celebrate with me hahhahaha no la it was mainly for the sakura but still!!! 😀 😀 😀

Dinner! Sooooo much eggs cuz we all know how Qiu is crazy for eggs. Eat ALLLLL the Japanese eggs before going home!

After that went back to their hotel lobby to eat cakes. They bought me 4 cakes. So i ate 5 cakes on my birthday wtf.

Danna kept snapping pictures and this was me saying “ok liao gimme back camera” lolol.


That’s all for the birthday celebration!! It was super happy and awesome. In fact every single day in Japan feels like a birthday celebration because everything here is a gift.

Hope i can do the same next year! 😀